Gold biscuits, silver coins, ketamine seized at Chennai airport

By adzket · Nov 4, 2009 · Updated Nov 7, 2009 ·
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    Gold biscuits, silver coins, ketamine seized at Chennai airport

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    TAMBARAM: Gold biscuits, silver coins and ketamine narcotic substance were seized at the Chennai Airport in the past one week, Commissioner of Customs, Chennai Airport, R.Periasami said on Monday.

    Speaking to reporters, Mr. Periasami said gold biscuits worth Rs.38 lakh, silver coins whose value were yet to be ascertained and the banned ketamine valued at Rs.50 lakh were seized from passengers arriving at the airport since October 20.

    The senior officer said that in the space of four days between October 20 and 23, they intercepted three passengers — Ishrat, Shakeel and Kaleel — following specific information. Ishrat and Shakeel had concealed gold biscuits weighing 2.5 kg in their rectum. Kaleel too had concealed similar gold biscuits in his baggage. The youths, during interrogation, had confessed to smuggling gold biscuits from Sri Lanka to India via Chennai Airport.

    The value of the seized gold biscuits from the men was put at Rs.38 lakh. Mr. Periasami said smuggling gold biscuits “through the rectum” was in vogue about 10 years back. As the smugglers had wrapped the gold biscuits in carbon material, they had passed through high-sensitive and sophisticated metal detectors both in Colombo and Chennai. It was through specific information received by personnel of Air Intelligence Unit that they were able to nab the smugglers.

    On October 23, they intercepted Mohammed Rafiq, travelling from Myanmar to Chennai via Singapore, from whose baggage they found 983 silver coins issued in India between 1862 and 1920. As carrying of these coins was in violation of Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972, he was arrested.

    Mr. Periasami further said that on October 21, they checked a parcel shipped from Hyderabad to Malaysia via Chennai at the Air Cargo Complex. Officials realised that the courier contained five kilograms of ketamine worth Rs.50 lakh in the international market.


    swim thinks they have got there valuation of ketamine wrong though like most govenments do they always over value the price to make it sound beter for the press and public. as RS 1 lakh is 1000000.00 rupees rs50 lakh is 5000000.00 rupees but this swim has got is equivilent to £64.204.15
    as showen below which seams wrong to swim.

    5,000,000.00 INR = 64,204.15 GBP
    India Rupees United Kingdom Pounds 1 INR = 0.0128408 GBP 1 GBP = 77.8766 INR

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