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Gold Coast school plans to drug test students

By chaos69, Aug 8, 2012 | |
  1. chaos69
    Gold Coast school plans to drug test students
    09:30 AEST Wed Aug 8 2012

    An elite Gold Coast school is considering introducing random saliva and urine tests to deter students from using party drugs.

    The Southport School, a private Anglican boys' school, would provide counselling to students caught with drugs in their system once but would expel those who tested positive twice.

    Headmaster Greg Wain emailed parents about the proposed regime this week, saying dozens of students would be tested at random each year.

    Mr Wain told the Gold Coast Bulletin students did not use drugs at school but off-campus incidents were recorded every 18 months to two years.

    "We don't have a problem here, but the boys have a problem in the holidays on the weekends when they sometimes go to large parties and these things (drugs) are available," he was quoted as saying.

    The Parents and Friends Association and the student council have backed the idea but parents will need to sign consent forms for minors to be tested.

    Source: Gold Coast Bulletin
    Author: Fiona Willan, Approving editor: Henri Paget



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