gold memeber upgrade night ramblings.

By Potter · Apr 25, 2009 · ·
  1. Potter
    man, Alfa is going to announce the gold upgrades any minute, but I kind of need to leave the house now and go find some fun and dinner... lame. Man, I'm gonna pee my self if I get in. It's not unreasonable, I'm 89th in rep, not bad for a board with a few thousand members. There's folks I know deserve it a whole lot more then I do, but one can hope, no?

    Got an experiment to run this weekend, been so long since the last one, anticipation is killing me. I keep finding reasons to put it off, good ones i believe, but it's time for some divination this weekend.

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  1. Metomni
    Good luck with SWIY's divinations. :)
  2. cyndi
    Oh swim keeps hoping too but she can do support well but not the chemical talk and deep thought processes. Good luck to you!
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