Good god, what has boozer been eating lately?

By drbeer · Jul 1, 2008 ·
  1. drbeer
    Hi all, once again it's time for boozer's saga.

    His life is just too fucking awesome lately. He's been spreading some joy once again, this time he went to one of his female friend's place. She was alone with her kid for all the time he was there. It's quite funny, boozer never had luck with babies, most of them are scared by his looks, but this little 8 months old boy was smiling and laughing all the time he was there. Boozer had a great time with the girl, they talked about a lot of things and he's got to know her better on a more personal level. She also seemed liking him quite much for a taken woman... When her bf arrived home, she asked him to leave :laugh:, but not before making sure she could have a talk with him tomorrow.

    When he arrived home, his wii was flashing, stating boozer had recieved a message. It was another of his female friends (the girl he had a crush on from the first blog entry) who also wants to see him this week.

    It's just such a fun thing... Before boozer changed, about 2 weeks ago, he never recieved much care about women. Now that he's got more female friends than ever, they seem to want to be closer to him...

    Anyway, peace, love and pleasure to everyone. Have a sweet night people.

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