Good Morning Sir...

By afriendoftina · Jul 8, 2016 · ·
  1. afriendoftina
    CALLER: "Ring, Ring"


    CALLER: "Ring, Ring"

    *AFRIENDOFTINA realises hotel phone is ringing and wonders who on earth it could be*

    CALLER: "Ring, Ring"

    *AFRIENDOFTINA answers the phone*


    CALLER: "Good Morning Sir. This is your 8AM wake-up call"


    CALLER: "It's 8AM Sir, you requested we call you to let you know."

    *AFRIENDOFTINA is confused*

    AFRIENDOFTINA: "Wait, no I didn't. Who told you to do so?"

    CALLER: "We have it recorded that the request was placed by a Mr. Tom *****"

    AFRIENDOFTINA: "Hang on, that's my name, well - before I changed it anyway...are you sure?"

    CALLER: "Mr. ***** was quite insistent that we woke you for 8AM, the message was quite specific it reads 'Time to wake up now, time to come back to your real life. People miss you here: your friends and family have been wondering what's happened to you."

    AFRIENDOFTINA:"Oh. Errrm...okay. Thanks? I guess? For passing on the message anyway. I'm sorry, I just don't remember placing that request. But never mind, I'm awake now anyway - I'll be checking out today"

    CALLER: "Very well Sir, check out is at 10AM."

    *AFRIENDOFTINA looks around him, he doesn't have much. Should take long to get ready, pack up and check out - 10AM will be fine he thinks*

    AFRIENDOFTINA:"Thanks, that won't be a problem."

    CALLER: "Have a good life, Sir"

    AFRIENDOFTINA: "...Pardon? What did you say?"

    CALLER: "I said, Have a good day, Sir"

    AFRIENDOFTINA: "Oh. Yes and to you. Goodbye"

    CALLER: "Goodbye Sir"

    *AFRIENDOFTINA puts down the phone and decides to go back to his old life. Things somehow seem clearer after that wake-up call - I guess they don't call it that for nothing...*

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  1. monkeyspanker
    "Oh my, That was vivid children, wasn't it"...quote from a movie I've long forgot, it just snapped into my head reading your experience with the desk clerk, funny how the universe works, isn't it?

    You're on the right track my friend, stay true, you do not need the shit Tina has brought on you! Your Mum raised a faggot, but not no fool!! 31 hours is great! Get to 7 days and I will tell you a secret about how I beat it for 4 years, stay tuned, keep up the good work buddy, I and many are so proud of you!!! :vibes:, M~
  2. afriendoftina
    Thanks MonkeySpanker. I have actually been to the seven day mark before and even wrote a blogpiece about how I related the whole thing to the Seven Dwarves in the Snow White tale so if you want to take a gander then click here.

    So I would like to know your Secret. And it better not be as obvious as Alyssa's (For you RPDR fans out there) xxxx
  3. monkeyspanker
    Stud, I have no idea what Alyssa's issue's with drugs were, I thought she had a very bad overbite an no chin, not a pretty one in my eyes.

    Anyhoo, WILLPower my friend, get sick and tired of the Shit, only the strong can do this, you are one of them! Look in the mirror dude, you were blessed by the universe, take that and run with it...wait you did but, taking meth made you feel much better and much more attractive for a while...Then BAM! F'n ugly and unwantable right? Wrong! You still have it...get off the wanting to be needed only feeds Tina, she taunts, she whispers, she lies!!

    I was a very hot gay man long ago, everyone wanted to be with me, it doesn't last my friend, we all get older. Now All I have is my respect and caring for others...

    I hope this made you think and know what you need to do!! Keep it up and at 3 weeks, I'll tell you something much more special, ok? Love ya bro, M~
  4. monkeyspanker
    HaHA! They are replaying RPDR here in the US because His new 'All Stars' version is going to air Thursday 8/25/26, I can hardly wait!

    I saw Alyssa's performance in the 'Drag Opera of RuPauls life'....Damn, if that that queen didn't nail it...seriously, she is a piece of beauty in motion, Woof!!

    Love you and hope all is well over there, M~
  5. Once.up.on.a.time
    Proud of you darling. I'm always here if you need me xxx
  6. afriendoftina
    Thanks for the above comments. I have zero energy today but in four hours it will be my week-long marker for being METH-FREE. I have mainly survived by doing nothing but sitting in bed, on laptop or sleeping, mainly doing nothing.

    A waste of a week really. I can barely remember it....
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