Goodbye (poem) - Emilie Autumn

By Hey :-) · Sep 18, 2012 ·
  1. Hey :-)
    Here is a beautiful poem by Emilie Autumn . A poem set to music . Link to music below .

    And so I've said too much and not enough
    And so the play is finally at an end
    You never had the care to call my bluff,
    and so I must be pleased to be your friend
    But what then was the purpose of this game?
    I never really had a chance to win
    It's true, I rather like who I became
    But what am I to do with who I've been?
    For I may wish to meet myself someday
    among the ashes of a fire long dead
    To see my shadow there and hear it say
    that it was happy with the life it led
    What emptiness awaits me? This I fear
    Far more than any peril I might face
    My purpose in this world became less clear
    When you were taken from your cherished place
    Within my wishing heart and went your way
    So willingly it almost makes me ill
    To think it never crossed your mind to stay
    Pushes the dagger deep, completes the kill
    And yet how much of this was done by me?
    Had I the courage would you still have flown?
    How sad to think this was not destiny
    But my mistake, yet how could I have known?
    Now here is my dilemma, as it seems
    Do I accept the score that fate has set,
    And calmly watch the passing of my dreams
    Or do I dare to place another bet
    That where the curtain falls another rises
    If I am wrong then strike me for my sins
    But I believe our acts and thin disguises
    Where but a prologue to what now begins

    Emilie Autumn – Goodbye

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