Goodbye to Drugs ~ One Addicts Letter

  1. ChronicPainisLegit
    Dear Coke, Crack, Meth and your powerful relatives,

    The first time we met I fell in love. Warm was your touch on my lips and tongue. The excitement of preparing you to fully enjoy the passion you had to offer. I loved the lose of control. The ability to not be responsible. I put myself in your arms that always eagerly awaited me. The joy of letting myself go, infected me like a disease - coursing through my veins.

    Then one day your passion turned to an angry rage. With that hit, I stumbled and fell. From my knees, I crawled back and begged for more. For I had known the love we shared so many times before. My eyes full of tears I asked you to stay. I had nothing else left but your promising ways. My family, my husband and so many friends couldn't understand our affair but I knew you'd never turn your back. The dazzle of your eyes, I'd always forgive you again. My life unmanageable and I needed you to excuse my permanent lose of control.

    I love you! I hate you! But, you're always the same. If I stay with you I cannot be sane. Oh, I long for one last dance and the deception of your waiting embrace. But not today my love for I have seen the error of your ways. I know now that my family loves me and I love myself. So keep that twirl on the dance floor for someone else.

    Respectfully, Your Ex-Lover

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