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  1. purplehaze
    There are a lot of headlines and titles for this one. Originally heard on Oct 14 the ban goes in to effect today Oct 24. Here is the writeup and it is statewide. Phaze's local store took products off the shelf today. So once again Alabama tries to make a name for itself as being occupied by yokels and rednecks. No studies were done, just claims of harm. Enough with my opinions. Heres the article. I searched and couldn't find it up.


    If you wish to find more information regarding the topic, try the keywords "governor bentley synthetic" in your favorite search engine.


  1. lalala24
    "So once again Alabama tries to make a name for itself as being occupied by yokels and rednecks."

    Ok, this statement is offending, especially to those who reside in this state. Why not just say that you don't agree with the decision makers? Don't generalize an entire states' population- not cool!!!
  2. purplehaze
    I am from this state man, chill. :)
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