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  1. Coconut
    The Government has moved to ban a range of substances currently on sale in head shops.

    The products will come under the Misuse of Drugs act and the ban will take effect in June.

    The Government must notify the EU and it will take 3 months before they will become illegal.

    Legal highs under the following six headings are to be banned:

    RTÉ News
    Tuesday, 2 March 2010 20:14


  1. Euphoric
    I assume kettamine is different from ketamine? Or is ketamine uncontrolled in Ireland? Is GBL legal there? Are these things sold in head shops? Is Tapentadol sold in head shops?
  2. Burgersoft777
    Swim feels that this move was inevitable, after the fuss made in the Irish press in recent weeks. Some of these substances were banned in the UK in December, and it is likely that the others will be banned sometime soonish.
  3. Coconut
    No, kettamine is ketamine when "journalists" are allowed to report on something they know nothing about. It's a misspelling. As far as I know, ketamine is currently controlled, so I have no idea why it's included there, apart from writers' incompetence.

    GHB is also controlled but this move will bind GBL in the shackles of legislation too.

    I haven't seen or heard of any instances of tapentadol, ketamine or GBL being sold in head shops.

    Edit: On further consideration, I've realised that ketamine is included because it is now to be brought under the harsh whip of the Misuse of Drugs Act, which it was not previously.
  4. Hauk
    I like that there is no mention of salvia.
  5. ianzombie
    Interesting, although Swim is at a loss as to where Tapentadol fits in with anything?
    It will be all eyes on the UK now to see what has been filling the gaps left in certain markets, most notably the Cannabinoid replacements. From what Swim has read it does not look too good for fans of the current smoking blends.
    Swim is happy (despite having quit) to see no mention of Kratom, although as people who just want to get any sort of high going are left without their regular 'Legal Highs' more might start turning in that direction.
    Swim is also interested in seeing what is going on with Krypton in the immediate future.

    Swim imagines that more business will be going to Internet sites selling the likes of Mephedrone now, meaning more money going out of the country and probably more dealers buying in bulk to make a quick profit in the vacuum.

    Swim hopes that the Government don't just close the case with the banning of these substances but actually take not of exactly what happens when you take them out of the shops and people start to sell them on the streets. Its not going to solve anything, its not going to prevent any harm.
  6. Burgersoft777
    Indeed if the rest of prohibition is anything to go by it will increase the dangers, with little impact on the numbers using. Swim believes that Prohibition only gifts products to the criminal gangs, the users pay far more for lower quality product.The addicted are forced into crime to pay for their daily fix.:mad:
  7. salviablue
    Plus it will turn more (probably) otherwise law-abiding people into criminals. Creating further stress upon already stretched judicial and prison/probation systems.
    Then they can show more money needs to be spent fighting this evil plague, more money into the penal system, more taxes............

  8. Seaquake
    looks like this is going to be a mixture of the last UK piece of law and the last german piece of law with regard to controlling substances.

    piperazines, cannabinoids, gbl, 1,4bdo from the UK, the main cathinones and tapentadol from Germany
  9. Erumelithil
    Damn, I really expected this to take a little longer. Something to make some noise about nearer to the next election. I thought that they might at least take the time to have someone prepare a report that would look into the pros and cons of regulation as opposed to an outright ban.

    The ban on the synthetic cannabinoids is a real joke, considering that marijuana has been illegal in Ireland since 1912, and the country is awash with the stuff.

    It's such a foolish knee-jerk reaction. Since the legal smoking blends have been so conveniently available, SWIM has gotten used to indulging in a bit whenever he felt like it.

    Don't they realise that SWIM and people like him, are not going to jump at the spirit of the ban and become tee-totallers, they're just going to go out and put their money into the hands of drug dealers instead.

    Also, since SWIM had the opportunity to try out some of the other head shop products and develop a taste for other types of high, (as I'm sure many people have) he is more than likely going to look for them elsewhere, which means finding a dealer. (why did SWIM wait till his 20's to develop a taste for highs? If he'd done it in his teens he would be sure to know a dealer or two, grrr)

    It will be interesting to see if any of the head shops have "going out of business" sales, or will their products just be sold more discretely somewhere else.

    I wonder if this is going to affect packages of mephedrone and methylone arriving in the post, are they likely to be stopped?
  10. Abrad
    Fucking shower of bastards. I am very fucking pissed off at methylone in particular being banned.
    This kind of thing should not need to be openly discussed. You have a brain, please use it...
  11. Coconut
    It was a reasonable question to ask, as they are still legal.

    I would presume that An Post and private couriers will seize packages containing mephedrone and methylone in anticipation of the ban, so long as they can do so legally prior to the enactment of such legislation. I think that people living in Ireland should consider them to be controlled substances from now on, and act accordingly (i.e. don't smuggle/import them in).
  12. Abrad
    Presumably he meant would they be stopped after the ban. I see no reason why they would be stopped before the ban.
  13. Samadhi
    maybe this will make it at least a little harder for just any numb-skull to come walking into a headshop and walking out with a bag full of semi-tested, half-legal chemicals.

    one might have to do it like they did in the old days and get it on the internet... that takes a little more know-how... ;)
  14. Erumelithil
    Yeah, you're right. It's the sloppy attitude of people who didn't have the sense to keep the head shop situation on a low profile that lead to them getting hit like this.

    I live in Tullamore and any day of the week you can see kids in school uniforms going in and out of the head shop (part of a well known chain) situated only a hundred yards or so from Brian Cowen's constituency office.

    They had no trouble getting whatever they wanted, regardless of the poster saying that only over 18's would be served.

    To be fair, even though I'm sorry to see them go, they had a large hand in bringing this on themselves.
  15. Abrad
    And I bet I can guess the Headshop chain in question...
  16. Erumelithil
    I bet you can. There was another one in town, about six months before the "well known" one opened. It was an inconspicuous little shop that you would't look at twice. Most people weren't aware that it was there, or what it sold. More importantly, I never saw them selling to kids.

    It wasn't until the other one opened and started selling to kids that the locals started to pay attention.
  17. Coconut
    I was in Tullamore a few weeks ago and I am also aware of the shop in question.
  18. Erumelithil
    Yup. It probably wasn't the smartest move, opening up a few doors away from the Taoiseach's constituency office.
    A photograph of kids walking past with handfulls of spice diamond would have gone down well in one of the tabloids.
  19. ianzombie
    Swim is going to patent the 'Spice Junior' range before anyone else gets there.

    That Chain of shops have a lot to answer for, Swim has heard some pretty amazing story's about them from current/ex members of staff. But even with all the stupid carry on there is another shop that Swim would actually like to see hit by a localised earthquake of about 10' squared.

    It looks like it will be going back to the good* old days of the pre-Mushroom/spice explosion when people bought nothing more exotic than cigarette papers and bags of 'Alice's wonder mix'

  20. Erumelithil
    Who know's, maybe the ban will just lead to an explosion in Mycology and home growing operations.

    It was strange to see during all the hype that none of the news stories picked up on the fact that anyone who is interested and has a bit of privacy and space could go online and get their hands on all the equipment and seeds for their own MJ plantation!
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