Grainne kenny attacks pub for trees that look like cannabis.

By cannabis-sam · Dec 1, 2008 · ·
  1. cannabis-sam
    EURAD (Europe Against Drugs) president Grainne Kenny has launched an outrageous attack on a pub in Limerick, which she has accused of trying to attract customers by planting trees outside which she feels are imitation cannabis trees. "Why do the guards, the chamber of commerce and civil society tolerate this. These trees should be removed. They are giving out a very dangerous message to children", she said. Ms Kenny made her comments to an anti-drugs seminar in the city and displayed leaves she had broken off the trees. But the owner of the bar, Will Rooney denied any wrongdoing. "They may look like something else, but they are called Japanese Maple. We wanted something to replace palm trees that were stolen, and this is what we got", said Mr Rooney. "I noticed one was a bit bare, maybe she'll replace it for us", he added.

    This is a few years old don't think it's been posted here on DF.

    LOL I find it so funny she attacks a place that sells a drug far more harmful than cannabis for having trees that have similar shaped leaves, but completely over looks the alcohol.

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  1. fnord
    Anyone know if she received any support for her ideas? For us americans could someone explain whos granny kenny?
  2. Bajeda
    She is president of EURAD, the big prohibitionist organization in Europe.

    You'd probably remember her as the woman who got magic mushrooms (among other things) banned in Ireland, and as a principle instigator of anti-drug hysteria over there. Check some of the threads / articles on drug prohibition in Ireland and I'm sure it will ring a bell.
  3. Lunar Loops
    This news already appeared in a thread called The GrĂ¡inne Kenny Dossier where you can find more information about the woman and the organisation for whom she works.

    She may espouse absolute rubbish, but she is no fool.
  4. Nature Boy
    I remember hearing about this ridiculous story, either here or in some other forum. I mean, cannabis-looking trees? She's clearly bats. Moments of madness like these need to be remembered when people debate her on live radio. I remember she once rang into the Joe Duffy show yapping on about the evils of some store for giving away free samples of little garnishing knives. Weapons for murderers, or something along those lines, was her claim.
  5. cra$h
    Bitch needs to shut the fuck up. Japanese Maple's a legit tree, swim's got one. But it's RED. not green, although green is possible, through another type of maple but what ever, it's off topic. Granny needs to be taken deep in the underground, see what the real world's like.
  6. guldenat
    She actually uses a sound tactic that seems to work - preach the truly radical and people eventually fall in line somewhere in the center. It's been an effective tool for many ideologies over the past few decades. I can't help but wonder if the drug legalization movement can learn something from her.
  7. Euthanatos93420
    Thats what I've been saying...
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