Grainne Kenny on new snitch hotline

By Abrad · Apr 26, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    Irish Daily Mirror 26/04/06

    Ireland's first non-Garda hotline for reporting drug dealers is being launched next week.

    The confidential name-and-shame project has been set up in Blacherdstown, West Dublin.
    And it has been hailed as a positive step i helping to stop the growth in drug dealing.
    Anti-drug campaigner Grainne Kenny, of Europe Against Drugs, told the Irish Daily Mirror: "Anything that will help to reduce drug use, addiction and dealing is a welcome move.
    Signs of dealing should always be reported and people should give car registrations, times and dates if they suspect it is happening in their neighbourhood - this project sounds very positive."
    The Blanchardstown Local Drugs Taskforce hope people of all ages will use their Dial to Stop Drug Dealing Line. Any information recieved will be passed onto the gardai.
    Parts of the area have been rife with drugs for some time and gangland violence has erupted in various estates over the years.
    Notorious drug dealer Mark Glennon was shot dead after he answered a knock on his door last September.
    The Westies gang boss was shot three times in the chest at point blank range by a gunman wearing a wig and glasses.
    He fell in the hallway of his home in Hazlewood Crescent in Blanchardstown as his horrified father and girlfriend screamed for help.
    A spokesman for the taskforce said "Some people are unwilling or unable to phone the gardai.
    This freephone is not about replacing contact with the gardai. It is about giving people another option."
    Lines for the pilot project will be open from May 3rd and the number will be announced shortly.

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  1. Alfa
    Isn't it about time to export the witch? She is far from finished with her mischief.
    Please read this:
  2. Abrad
    Yes that woman does worry me a little, although I've been told that she is no longer being funded by the Irish government because they think she's nuts. I once had the misfortune of having her come into my school, many years ago, to preach about the evils of drug use and how LSD stays in your spine forever etc... I was only 15 at the time and knew it was bullshit.
  3. Alfa
    That would be an accurate observation.
    Can you find info on that?
  4. Abrad
    News > 03 Oct 2003

    Lack of funding may force EURAD to close
    (Source:'Anti-drug group faces extinction as cash runs out': The Sun, p. 8, , 03 Oct 2003)

    EURAD, the Dublin-based Europe against Drugs, which was founded in 1989 may now face closure due to lack of funding. President of EURAD, Grainne Kenny commented on this latest blow as the group was refused Government funds: “My mood turns black every time we are refused funding. Drugs is a very serious issue- it is a raging epidemic”. Ms Kenny has been recognised for her efforts by winning the European Woman of the year award. She fears that after a meeting with the Health Board that funding will be reduced and lead to EURAD’s closure: “If that happened I will be devastated. I don’t know how I would tell the other European groups that are affiliated to us. If our existing funding is dropped everything will have to go. I work as a volunteer. But we have rent to pay and public liability”. A spokesman for the Health Board said: “We are in discussions with them about future funding. A lot of EURAD’s work is national and international. It’s more appropriate for the funding to come from the EU or the Justice Department”.

    Apparently she is now being funded by the Swedish Government since when that article came out.
  5. Lunar Loops
    Scandanavian lunatic fringe

    Ahh yes, Gráinne Kenny, what a woman.....her mood turns black whenever she does not get funding??? I find the air turns blue whenever I hear her talking. She is indeed as mad as bag of weasels. I have a dream involving her, Maggie Thatcher and Ian's not pretty, but it is justifiable.
  6. Alicia
    Once again another one who insists on using lies ,which is doing anything but to help the problem. to get what she wants she will fail like they all they do, and with people informing police all that will do is cause more violence and disruption.

    FUCK HER !!
  7. Alfa
    That is from 2003. Since then she has had a substantial contribution in closing banning magic mushroom in Ireland and has been attacking the headshops and now this. I wonder where her funding comes from.
  8. dirk
    Wouldn't it be terrible if people phoned her hotline with duff information.

    e.g the registration number of any vehicle delivering alcohol, or the name of the local nicotine dealer. After all, it would not be wasting police time, it would be the charity that is doing that :)
  9. Alfa
    It is not Grainne Kenny's hotline. She only commented on it. Problem is that the media listens to her and thereby she has a devastating influence on society.
  10. Abrad
    I cannot find any information on where her funding is coming, I have been told the Swedish government are involved but cannot find any information.
    This hotline worries me in that I think many people, not neccesarily involved in drugs could find themselves having their doors kicked in because nosy neighbours decided they were acting suspiciously. I could also see people being reported for smoking a joint.
  11. Alfa
    Such a hotline has been used in the Netherlands for a long time now. Many of the tips are fake. Around 60% if I remember correctly. Most busts are made, because competing criminals use it to get rid of the competition.
  12. Nagognog2
    Does Grainne have any relatives? Like teenage daughters? Be a shame if they were peddling the evil molecules. <Ring! Ring!...Ring! Ring!...>
  13. Abrad
  14. Lunar Loops
    Gráinne Kenny aka Mis-Information

    Ahh, yes, she's never been one to let little inconsequential things like the truth or facts get in the way of a moral crusade.

    As regards funding, as far as I'm aware she is still getting much funding from Sweden (certainly in relation to projects like the Stockholm Challenge, funded by the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm City Council, Swedish govt. agencies and Ericsson). Sadly there are still many moronic moralists and ill-informed 'do-gooders' all to ready to jump to her aid and her support. Even more sadly, there are many people prepared to listen to the pathetic clap-trap that she peddles. She gets paid for lecturing on such subjects worldwide (for she is a leading authority don't you know?). Sadly Eurad has its fingers in many worldwide pies. Take a look at the drug watch international site (little Mis-Information is on their board of directors), it will make you weep.
  15. Alfa
    Well, also check out (European Cities Against Drugs), which is connected to drugwatch. It's based in Sweden(among others)
  16. Alicia
    If there is a need for something people will always get it, shame they still like telling lies in there futile attempt try a curb desire. Anyone who knows there stuff will know she is lying and trying to spread misinformation.
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