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By Alfa, May 6, 2004 | |
  1. Alfa

    HOPKINSVILLE -- Because a majority of the cases presented involved the use
    or sale of controlled substances, the Christian County grand jury is
    advocating more police officers be hired, immediate punishment and
    mandatory treatment programs. The March-April panel, led by foreman John
    Ray Cavanaugh, concluded its work on Friday and released a three-page
    report detailing drug concerns. Members reviewed 109 cases, and 62 percent
    of those involved illegal substances.

    "We are engaged in a 'war' on crime, most notably against the sale and use
    of illegal drugs," the report stated.

    One recommendation in "fighting this war" is hiring more law enforcement

    "We must have enough officers to adequately deal with the crime in
    Christian County," according to the jury.

    Stricter punishment also is needed in the fight against drugs, jurors said.

    "Once the criminals are caught, they should be prosecuted and if found
    guilty, then punished," the report noted. "We must make sure that the
    punishment increases for subsequent crimes. Revoking probation or parole
    should be automatic upon a new arrest."

    The grand jury also said that treatment programs should be mandatory "for
    all persons prior to releasing them back into the community."

    Meanwhile, jurors returned indictments in 106 cases and no-true bills in
    two cases. The panel also remanded one case to Christian District Court for
    further review and held over 73 cases for the next grand jury.


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