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Granite quote in aberdeen park sparks cobain controversy

By Euphoric · Aug 5, 2009 · ·
  1. Euphoric

    The late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is igniting a new controversy in his hometown of Aberdeen, Wash. This one involves a quote attributed to him on a new granite marker at an unofficial neighborhood park honoring him. Aberdeen city officials are upset about the one that begins, "Drugs are bad for you. They will f--- you up." Except the stone contains the full quote. The Daily World reports the property is considered a right of way for both Tori Kovach, who lives adjacent to the land and had the idea for the park, and the city, which also owns the nearby Young Street Bridge, where Cobain is said to have spent some time in his youth. Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson says the city Parks Board is going to consider the fate of the F word on the stone marker. Grays Harbor Monument donated the granite stone, which bears eight quotes; Kovach submitted the ones he wanted used. Monument company Manager Jerry Myers says it would be pretty easy to sandblast the offending letters. Says Myers, "In the granite industry, it'd be a bleep."

    By Dedrick Allan 08/04/2009

    NEWS FROM AROUND THE REGION FOR 8/4/09 provided by the Associated Press



  1. Greenport
    Why? It's history. They're going to censor history because it happened to say the word fuck.

    The whole phrase loses its meaning if the word is not there.
  2. twoiko
    People are dumb, case and point.
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