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‘Gravel Drug’ is Latest Synthetic Drug; ‘The New Crack’

  1. Basoodler

    The so-called “gravel drug” is the latest synthetic drug to appear in the United States, Tennessee officials say.

    Deputies in Church Hill arrested six people recently after they were found selling the drug, which is small and crystal-like.

    Officials started finding it around six months ago and are trying to find out who is bringing it into the country, reported WKPT.

    Hawkins County chief deputy Tony Allen told WATE that the drug looks like salt, comes in different colors, and mostly comes in powder form.

    Most of it is mail ordered and transported in by vehicles or shipped in, he said.

    The drug is usually a mixture of bath salts and either methamphetamine or Klonopin,according to Dr. John Mettert, an emergency department physician at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

    Bath salts is a term used to describe a number of designer drugs that usually contain substituted cathinones, such as mephedrone, but also often include other synthetic drugs mixed together. Calls concerning bath salts to poison control centers in the United States have notably skyrocketed over the past several years.

    An inmate at the Sullivan County Jail told the broadcaster that people ingest the “gravel drug” by snorting it, injecting it, or smoking it.

    “Gravel is the new crack,” he said, noting that he found it to be superior to other drugs.
    The drug makes people paranoid, the inmate said.

    Emergency room physician Dr. Jon Mettert told WATE that the drug damages the brain, raises blood pressure, and spikes the heart rate.

    “The real bad side effect of taking at the doses most people take it in is the paranoia. We’ve actually seen people become paranoid. People committing suicide from the paranoia.”

    He called it “probably the most dangerous drug” he’s seen in 15 years of emergency room medicinal experience.

    Jan. 30, 2014



  1. Basoodler

    Recent arrests in Hawkins County raise concerns about synthetic drug 'gravel'

    6 News Reporter

    ROGERSVILLE (WATE) - More arrests involving the synthetic drug called "gravel" are sparking concerns that this drug trend is growing.

    Hawkins County deputies arrested six people in Church Hill last weekend after they were allegedly discovered with "gravel" along with evidence of drug sales. The arrests are just the latest in synthetic drug crimes.

    The Hawkins County Sheriff's Office answered our questions about what the drug is and where it's coming from.

    Deputies say "gravel" is small and crystal-like.

    "Looks like salt. It comes in different colors. Most of the stuff that we're seeing is, what you can say, powder form," said Allen.

    This drug is starting to sweep through the county and it's coming from out of state.

    "Most of it is just mail ordered, or being transported in by vehicle, or shipped in," he said.

    The legislation making it illegal in Tennessee is helping. At Holston Valley Medical Center, doctors say "gravel" is a combination drug of meth, Klonopin and bath salts. It's also highly addictive.

    So what can it do to the body? Doctors told us gravel damages the brain, raises the blood pressure and spikes the heart rate.

    "The real bad side effect of taking at the doses most people take it in is the paranoia. We've actually seen people become paranoid. People committing suicide from the paranoia," said emergency room physician Dr. Jon Mettert.

    That's why deputies, doctors and nurses are working to train the community before things get worse.

    "Very, very dangerous. One of the most dangerous things I've seen in the 15 years of ER medicine I've been doing. Probably the most dangerous drug I've ever seen," said Dr. Mettert.

    6 News also reached out to the Knoxville Police Department to see if their officers have encountered any "gravel" activity.

    A spokesperson says there have not been any "gravel" related arrests yet.

  2. Basoodler
    I bet Krokodil and 25i/smiles are jealous .. Gravel has removed their brooms and started a solo sweep of the nation..

    This article claims that gravel is a mixture of bathsalts, meth and Klonopin.. Which doesn't make the drug sound any more plausible..

    While I am sure that people test positive for meth or bath salts at hospitals who also have high levels of klonopin in theirblood, they are obviously not combined and taken at once.. I would guess that it would result in a confusing "sort of speeding" kind of high.
  3. MikePatton
    What the fuck is this bullshit drug scare? How is this new "Gravel" shit "the most dangerous drug" this Dr saw if it's just bath salts mixed with "either meth or clonazepam"? That's the most bizzare opinion from a doctor about what this drug consists of. Either that or that, really? Does it matter that these two drugs have completely opposite effect? But "Gravel" could be either one? What a loose definition. I call bullshit on this whole dramatic and completely exaggerated piece of report.
  4. Basoodler
  5. saskom
    People might have started adding klonopin to curb that crazy suicidal paranoia.
  6. been_there
    According to what some others are saying, their is rat poison in there?


    Law enforcement officials in Ohio are being warned of a new drug called "Gravel." The drug, which get its name from what it resembles, is a mixture of rat poison, bath salts and methamphetamine, and is migrating north from the southern part of the United States. Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO, Steve Carrell, says Gravel is a "comeback for bath salts," with very similar side effects.
    "People who use this drug called Gravel are super paranoid," Carrell explained. "They think people are coming to get them, which, police probably are, they're super paranoid about anything and everything around them. And they're going to run, they're going to hide and just be resistant to help."
    Carrell says the paranoia side effect can lead to long-term problems, and notes another issue with the drug is that it looks very similar to crack-cocaine.
    "There's always the possibility somebody who is used to getting high on crack inadvertently gets this, are used to getting the high of crack and all of a sudden with this, they'll feel the stimulant effect but then they'll go immediately right into the paranoia."

    At least when I was a kid, the worst you could get was a load of baby laxative or something..
  7. Basoodler
    For what ever reason the state of Ohio is always reporting rat poison spiked drugs. I can remember those stories dating clear back to the 80's.. The most recent was rat poison spiked heroin a few weeks ago that was thrown into explain a few deaths
  8. Alfa
    Why are there no zombies reported yet? A good scare story needs zombies. Or at the very least rotting flesh.
    Seems to me that no one has a clue what they are talking about and the result is such crappy journalism. It could well be a case of research chemicals that have stimulating and relaxing effects, which could be why there is confusion with bath salts, meth and klonopin.
  9. Basoodler
    The only substance that I've tried that can be described loosely as stim/relaxant would be phenibut, and nobody is going to assume that its a mix of hard drugs.

    Although I seem to remember reading something about certain beta ketones that have relaxant properties .. Maybe alpha-methyl unsaturated BK, ( I did a quick search so I could sound smart :p)

    I really did read that some are relaxants previously, but figured such a thing would be aweful or not stimulating
  10. t-girl
    I've used salts and meth for years and this new shit scares even me! I really don't want Klonipan in the mix, I take it for other reasons.
  11. Basoodler
    Is this shit actually sold by street dealers in non commercial foil bags? Not speculation , I mean for sure?
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