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  1. perro-salchicha614
    JODHPUR: A guard of Jodhpur Central Jail, on Wednesday, was arrested for trying to enter the jail premises with opium and supply it to an inmate. Police are looking for the culprit who supplied the narcotic to the jail guard. The guard was caught with 91 grams opium, hidden in the soles of his sandals, by jail authorities during search at the main gate while he was entering the jail for duty on Tuesday afternoon.

    According to Ramesh Kumar Sharma, SHO (Ratanada), jail guard Suresh Bishnoi had received about 91 grams of opium at the main gate of jail from one Ashok Kumar, who fled from the spot.

    "This opium was supposed to be supplied to a relative of Ashok Kumar, who is serving jai, terms and had struck a deal with Bishnoi for execution of this task," said Sharma. Jail administration lodged a complaint against the guard, who was arrested on Wednesday. "We are hopeful of arresting Ashok Kumar and he will be identified very soon," said Sharma.

    Meanwhile, this is the fifth such case this year, in which a jail guard has been caught with drug which is being carried to supply to the inmates in return of money. Recently in September, a jail guard, Mukesh Mali, was caught with 370 grams of charas, when he was trying to enter the jail. Similarly, one Ramesh Bishnoi was caught with 49 grams of opium, during the checking at jail entrance in August. He managed to flee from the spot, but was arrested later.

    Interestingly, the major part of the prisoners in Jodhpur Central Jail is constituted by those who have been charged under NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances)Act and these jail guards have further been adding to the count of such prisoners.

    The Times of India

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