Guard Smuggled Drugs into Jail

By Powder_Reality · Jul 15, 2006 · Updated Oct 5, 2008 · ·
  1. Powder_Reality
    Wed, 12 Jul 2006
    The Edmonton Journal

    'Now I'm No Better Than One Of Them Guys,' Police Told

    EDMONTON - A former Edmonton Remand Centre guard admitted Tuesday he repeatedly smuggled in drugs for inmates before police caught him heading to work carrying hundreds of pills.

    Matthew Domke started bringing prisoners tobacco in December 2004 because he felt sorry for them after the province banned smoking in jails, according to evidence presented in provincial court.

    All he apparently received for his trouble was a carton of cigarettes and some cocaine. Domke, a guard for roughly three years, thought the tobacco would help keep inmates calm and prevent fights.

    "When you got 48 guys on the (cell) range, testosterone flows and beatings happen," he told Edmonton police Det. Kevin Brezinski.

    Domke, 24, discovered some pouches he took inside the centre, which he picked up from people who knew the inmates, also contained marijuana.

    He estimated he brought drugs into the facility six or seven times over roughly three months, telling Brezinski he was worried that if he stopped inmates would inform on him.

    "The conscience was starting to feel guilty ... I figured I shouldn't be doing this," Domke said. "I'm uniformed staff ... now I'm no better than one of them guys."

    When Brezinski heard Domke was delivering drugs to inmates, the guard was put under surveillance.

    On Feb. 8, 2005, officers watched the uniformed guard pick up a box from a Mill Woods home and drive to the remand centre, where he was arrested before his afternoon shift. The box, which he carried inside a knapsack, contained marijuana and about 550 pills, including morphine and codeine. The drugs were worth about $15,500 inside the centre, almost five times their street value.

    Domke pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing controlled substances for the purpose of trafficking. He said he agreed to deliver the package for a man from whom he bought the cocaine.

    Domke said he met the dealer through an inmate. He said the dealer once swung a baton and talked about people he had beaten up, and Domke was afraid the same thing would happen to him or his family if he did not co-operate.

    He was fired after he was arrested. It's unclear whether he was paid for his illegal activities, though at one point in his interview with Brezinski he mentioned getting "money and an adrenaline rush."

    Crown prosecutor Larry Ackerl said Domke never reported his problems to authorities or spoke about them to his uncle, also a remand staff member.

    "Mr. Domke has walked an increasingly perilous path from obeying the law to enforcing the law to violating the law," said Ackerl, who asked for an eight-year prison sentence.

    "This path has taken him from citizen to peace officer to criminal."

    Judge Mike Allen will give his sentencing decision Sept. 15.

    Defence lawyer Ravi Prithipaul argued that his client should be put under house arrest for the maximum two years less a day, being allowed out only to go to his job as an apprentice mechanic.

    Prithipaul described Domke as gullible and naive young man, saying he tried

    to get away from the situation by asking to change shifts or transfer to another area.

    "He has taken that initial step down a slope and progressively realizes that he is in more and more danger, he's more and more vulnerable."

    Dr. Dorothy Constable, a psychologist who interviewed Domke last September, wrote in a report that guards at the remand centre often get little direction on ways to deal with difficult situations.

    Some staff feel that raising concerns with their superiors will make the problem worse, so they are often left to develop their own strategies, she wrote.

    "It was the opinion of collateral sources contacted that the culture of the organization would have contributed to Mr. Domke's failure to disclose his situation or seek advice if, as he suggests, he found himself in a situation over his head."

    Gordon Kent

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  1. The Doors
    They banned smoking from jails? I didn't know that!! What the hell is wrong with them.
  2. domkema
    Yes they did ban smoking in provincial jails and they just now banned it in federal jails too by the way the person that is posting this reply is the person that this topic is about
  3. infekt
    swim knows friends who were able to get heroin in county jail from the guards. It's supposedly very overpriced though (obviously)
  4. Panthers007
    domkema: How did you manage to find this forum? Not that I mind in the least. But do be aware of the rules - especially those regarding self-incrimination. LE certainly also reads these forums, as I'm sure you know. Don't tip your hand (not that you have).
  5. domkema
    yes it is very over priced but i suggest to anyone with a drug problem that sad to say is about to be or going to be sentenced to time in a corrections facility to use that time and get some sort of help you can get hurt dealing with drug dealers on the inside.

    domkema added 7 Minutes and 9 Seconds later...

    from time to time i google myself just to see if any new articles pop up about me strangely enough i came across this forum. And not to worry LE can read this all they like it is the first and last time i will ever make a mistake like this.
  6. Alfa
    Very nice of you to join this topic and therefore the forum. What was the result of all this? Did you get jail time for this?

    I added the rest of the article above.
  7. domkema
    i got 5 years for posesion for the purpose of trafficking i served 10 months in a federal institute and got out on a parole so the end result was i got stripped of my title i got sent to prison now im on parole but im doing great now i got my life together and now the sky is the limit im looking forward to see what the future has in store for me.
  8. Panthers007
    Good for you! Had you been in the Untied Snakes to your south - they probably would have hanged you on national television. Sponsored, of course, by Smirnoff Vodka and Budweiser.

    For our records here, what percentage of drug convicts in your prisons would you guess are there for cannabis, as compared to things like heroin and cocaine?
  9. domkema
    dont get me wrong i got some media attention but in response to your question reall the only maybe 2% the only people you see in jails up here for pot are the guys running the big grow ups and selling weed by the pound as for the guys smoking it recreationally if they get caught more often than not they get let go or its just a fine or something like that as for the harder drugs there is more and more gangs showing up in canadian prisons for violent crimes which ultimately these crimes i believe can be traced back to the drug subculture meaning in some way the charges are a direct result of the drug world. for example recently we have had several mounties die in the line of duty while executing drug busts/warrants which is a very sad thing so if you look at from this point of view you might be able to understand what i mean that however out of the many people in jail in canada there might not be a lot inside specifically for cocaine and heroine but they are inside for commiting a violent crime because they are participating in the drug subculture.

    domkema added 14 Minutes and 29 Seconds later...

    so all in all id say 2% for cannabis 30% for violent crimes that directly relate to the sale and distribution of harder drugs ie: cocaine, heroine the other percentages would be crimes of a sexual nature, murders driving convictions theft etc etc. but these figures i stated are only approximations.
  10. Heretic.Ape.
    What!? Locking up violent people instead of pot smokers? Those kooky canucks, what shenanigans will they be up to next?
  11. domkema
    gee i dont know maybe we will go hunting for our lucky charms
  12. jon-q
    In the uk un-officialy drug use to some extent is tolerated in order to subdue/occupy the inmates,there are even "Totaly drug free wings/prisons" for those who are attempting to totaly remain drug free.
  13. domkema
    i heard that heroine is legal in england that the gov hands it out in a way to reduce crime anyone know if thats true.
  14. Spare Chaynge
    Heroin is Schedule II/Class A in the U.K. It is illegal to buy, sell or possess without a license. Some reports online of a small government program similar to the united states methadone program. Heroin maintenance, for dependent addicts. This has been shown to have a high success rate in some European countries relative to methadone. If Heroin maintenance is in place in the uk, it is a small experimental program only for the worst of the worst addicts.

    Anyone else know something about this.
  15. snapper
    Wow Domkema, that is the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen!
    Glad to hear you got your shit together...
  16. domkema
    thanks snapper it wasn't easy but it can be done you just cant loose hope.
  17. W!SE
    along with the others, its good to see you on a positive note (and that you found the forum!)

    you did 10 months? so when did this actually happen?

    is there anything you'd like to correct in the article? or anything you woulda done diff (besides not do it altogether!)
  18. jon-q
    Diamorphine as stated above is an illegal class A drug.
    Via a doctors prescription it may however be used to treat servere cronic pain this should be closely moniterd by a specialist and it can also be of value for palliative care towards the end of ones life,this can reduce both pain and worry..
    There are a FEW heroin addicts that have diamorphine prescribed in an attempt at harm reduction,this will only be attempted when all other methods of treatment have been thourghly exausted and in any case special licences and detailed form filling/records must be strictly adhered to.
  19. domkema
    Reply to W!SE

    well actually if i remember correctly it happened in 2006 i got scentenced sept 15th 2006.
    And to answer your second question what i would have done differently besides not doing it at all is, is that i had a family member that was a gaurd there too I should have gone to him for help and maybe all this collateral damage could have been avoided.
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