Guess Who Smoked Crack? No, Don't Guess. We're Impatient. OPRAH!

By Euphoric · Jan 16, 2009 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    Guess Who Smoked Crack? No, Don't Guess. We're Impatient. OPRAH!


    Best book involving crack-smoking since that James Frey "memoir"? The one written by Oprah's ex-boyfriend, which tells all about their pipe-sharing days. Gives a whole new meaning to "The Secret," doesn't it...

    Guess who's not invited to Oprah's Book Club? Her ex-boyfriend.

    The National Enquirer reports that Randolph Cook, who dated the talk show empress when she was in her 20s, has written a gory tell-all called "The Wizard of O."

    And they've got an excerpt: "Oprah made a "rock" of cocaine and baking soda in the tube and heated it, a method known as freebasing.

    "[Oprah] then put the lit torch on the rock, inhaled and held the smoke in her lungs for a long time. When she finally exhaled, she began to shake violently as she put the pipe down, she had trouble catching her breath and her eyes got big as saucers."

    We smoked at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes we would smoke up until her limo was waiting to take her to the studio to perform her show..."

    Shocking, we know (Oprah had a boyfriend?), but even more so is the fact that Oprah hasn't bought this dude off yet. Since the Booker Prize seems a bit of a reach, Cook's obviously writing for a paycheque. O's so filthy rich and famous, she probably owns a controlling share in the universe. Why wouldn't she cough up cash to keep her secret--and her reputation--safe?

    Turns out that, in classic Oprah style, she aired the secret a long time ago.

    The National Enquirer quotes from a 1995 episode of her show: "In my 20's, I'd done this drug and I know exactly what you are talking about." She said the drug use occurred while she was an anchorwoman on a television news show.

    "It's my life's great big secret. It was such a secret because–I realize (with) the public person I have become–if the story ever were revealed, the tabloids would exploit it and what a big issue it would be."

    Smart woman, but that wasn't a secret, either.

    by Sarah Nicole Prickett

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  1. HorseBucket
    Oprahs one crazy looking bitch. I told a joke a couple of weeks ago someone said "Oprahs the first black woman to be a millionaire" or something like that so I say "Oprahs the first crackhead to become a millionaire" but I didn't know she actually was a crackhead haha.
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