Gunman Steals OxyContin From Pharmacy

By lexifer · Apr 7, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer

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  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is why oxycontin should be sold cheaply and legally otc,this would eliminate problems like this.
  2. beentheredonethatagain
    what I dont understand about the pharmacy robberies, is why not just hold up the delivery man? they have a shit load of drugs and no cameras.

    I am not suggesting anyone do this, it is just a wonder that its not happening.

    drug orders come in either everday or every other day. cut out the middle man.
  3. truth
    hahahhaah SWIM wishes. hey get SWIyour cheap bottle of oxycontin from the local store. hahah:laugh: there was a string of California Oxy Robberies Throught Pharmacies about this time last year. SWIM wishes oxy was cheaper
  4. x cynic x

    I could only imagine the massive amounts of people being idiots and getting extremely addicted.
  5. old hippie 56
    Major source of diversion is often left behind the scenes. Local drugstores are targeted on a regular basic around these parts, no money just Sch. II narcotics and ADD meds.
  6. The_Tortured_Soul

    Hells yeah, bra! Oh, hopefully the laws will change before I am 50 at the very least.
  7. old hippie 56
    swim said the same thing when he was 20, they changed, for the worst. When he was that age, a lot of things was legal, now they ain't.
  8. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well people are going to do stupid things and get addicted anyways but many other problems could be solved if things like oxycontin were much more accessible.It might even deter young people from trying opiates because it would seem more like a medicine like aspirin as opposed to something cool and rebellious.It would also make swims life much better;)
  9. truth
    yeah if everyone did oxy no one would give a fuck about shit. MAKE IT LEGAL
  10. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well swim doesn't think everyone would do oxy.They should make mscontin,dilaudid,morphine sulphate and many others otc.People need variety afterall.
  11. lexifer
    IMO swim can't see narcotics like morphine and oxycodone becoming otc, at least not in his lifetime. Swim thinks that would be nice and convenient but can't see anything like that happening with narcotics.
  12. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is a little offtopic but swim doesn't see the difference between taking an opiate for emotional or physical pain as compared to taking an aspirin for physical pain or an anti depressant for emotional.That must be one of the reasons opiates are so controlled.They effectively fix so many symptoms and the pharmaceutical industry wouldn't make any money with all these new anti depressants and mood stabillizers.
  13. trptamene
    Come on...haven't we all seen this on the local news?
    Being a nite pharmacist would be a scary job...
  14. MachinaDeus
    As expensive as prescription meds can be swim wouldn't be suprised if this man just simply couldn't afford it rather then being a drug dealer or addict himself lol. Seems like pharmacy robberies are becoming more common lately , swim hears of them a lot more frequently in his area seems like.
  15. Hyperspaceblastoff
    im all for legalization but oxy shouldn't be
    its highly addictive bro
    and more importantly dangerous
    people die on it everyear, that # increases everyear
    this is 1 case were the # of abusers would certainly rise if legalized
  16. Orchid_Suspiria
    And how many of those deaths were caused by mixing oxycontin with benzodiazepines or alcohol?If someones for legallization than one should be for the legallization of everything.Why should the people that enjoy marijuana get to have fun but not swim?Yes it is addictive but so is alcohol and tobacco.
  17. Hyperspaceblastoff
    well i thought long and hard about this post
    and decided im for ALL legalization
    ur right, its really about letting people be responsible for themselves
  18. soma
    Lots of robberies like this here in the Dallas, Texas area.. Plenty of OxyContin, Fentanyl patches, Hydromorphone, Morphine, etc stolen from 24-hour pharmacies. Last week some dude drove his car through the front of a small local drugstore. His take? 200 Hydrocodone 5/500's. Hardly worth it.

    Bottom line? Legalize it. It won't happen, but its a nice thought. Luckily SWIM can get what he needs from various overseas sources :) (plz, no pms on the topic)
  19. lexifer

    ISwim'sHO he thinks that there is a much better argument for the legalization of marijuana then there is for oxycodone or any other narcotic/opiate. Don't get swim wrong, he loves opiates with all his heart (has some bupe in him now, ;)) but he sees some major arguments for keeping them under their current scheduling and not legalizing. Such as the deaths each year, the high abuse rate, the addictiveness, etc. Making them legal would just give more access to them which would probably lead to even more deaths and abuse. This is all just swim's two cents though.
  20. Orchid_Suspiria
    I think legallization would reduce deaths and abuse.It would most likely reduce younger people getting involved with them.Kids that are just into cannabis wouldn't be exposed to them on the blackmarket anymore.It would seriously reduce crime.Addicts wouldn't be forced into a life of crime anymore.Thats the problem with this society.The people that are for prohibition are the priveliged,the ones that have everything.They don't understand pain and why some people need opiates just to be able to deal with day to day existence.
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