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Gym for drug addicts in Manipur helping many

By Docta, Sep 1, 2013 | |
  1. Docta
    Imphal, August 31 (ANI): Bobby started using drugs early and was diagnosed with HIV in 2004. Now, he is a regular at the animal gym in Imphal and believes that exercising has helped him stay disease free. He urges the youth of the region to stay away from drugs and lead a healthy life.

    There are several others like Bobby who have given up drugs and adopted a healthy lifestyle, with encouragement from the gym’s owner R K Viswajit Singh. “Before I joined this gym, I used to feel very depressed and worried as I knew that I was HIV positive, but after joining this gym I forgot that I am HIV positive. I am not sad anymore and now my only concern is to remain healthy,” said Bobby, now a body builder.

    “For me it is very good. After coming to the gym now I have forgotten to use drugs. People have even started believing in me. I can see lots of changes in my health and in my life, so it’s very good,” said Boycha Singh, another drug addict turned body builder.

    Imphal’s R K Viswajit Singh took the novel initiative of establishing a gym at Khoyathong, exclusively for HIV positive people and drug addicts, in the year 2003. Singh also makes gym equipment from scrap iron and steel rods. He sells these products at cheap rates to the needy.

    Many body building gyms in the state depend on his products. He regularly donates equipment to various institutions including jails, blind schools and disabled centres.
    “The Animal Gym is mainly for drug addicts to stay healthy and stop drugs. In Manipur I have seen many youth die from drug addiction, and in order to save their lives I set up this gym,” said Singh.

    The gym attracts a large number of people from the region. Small initiatives like this can make a huge difference in the lives of people.



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