Gym Membership = Weight Gain

By Lady Codone · Nov 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Lady Codone
    Been going to the gym religiously since late August: 5 days of cardio a week for 30 minutes a pop. On the 6th day I do strength training, and I rest on the 7th day (like God lol). Despite all my efforts, I've GAINED about 5 lbs since finding my inner Fit Goddess. This is very discouraging since the extra pounds put me into the "Overweight" BMI category :(

    Two friends have commented that I looked really "toned" recently, but I still feel like a cow. On the plus side, my heart rate has come down 10-15 points! (It used to be in tachycardia at rest; I had to wear a heart monitor and get an EKG after my last doctor's appointment). Exercise has also had a major impact on my depression and is something I look forward to every day. I just wish the scale wasn't creeping up.

    Guess it's time to cut calories even more. :rolleyes:

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  1. rawbeer
    Gaining weight, or getting fatter? Weight gain is often a positive thing in relation to exercise because it can mean you're gaining muscle. Muscle is much heavier than fat.

    If you look more toned and you're getting healthier and happier, I wouldn't even worry about it. I try to not focus on my weight as an indicator of fitness, which is hard because it seems like such a basic, objective way to go about it. But twice in the past I've gained weight and gotten upset only to have my wife confirm that I seemed to have just gained muscle, and actually looked better than when I was lighter.

    I heard an interview with a runner who said when he was at his lightest, people seemed concerned about his health and didn't think he looked good. He has to force himself to carry more weight than he thinks he should. I know that seems like a goofy thing to bitch about - a true First World Problem - but it does underly the basic fact that fitness and weight aren't necessarily related.

    I don't know what your body type is, if you want to lose weight I'm not saying it's a bad idea. Few people wind up like that runner! Losing weight is easy in a sense because it is just a number on a scale, a very tangible goal. But don't let it bother you if you're still getting fitter. And remember that the BMI thing doesn't work well for people with a good amount of muscle, Russel Crowe is obese according to that scale.

    Good luck and keep it up, sounds like you're doing great!
  2. C.D.rose
    ^^ Yeah, everything rawbeer just said.

    I just wanted to add a comment regarding this here:
    Be careful there, even if you do decide that you need to lose weight, don't cut too much and especially don't cut the good stuff. Make sure that you still get all the nutrients you need, and if you do want to gain muscle that includes healthy sources of protein.

    And just one other thought: it's probably different for everyone, but personally I'm fairly sure that I couldn't keep up the rhythm of going to the gym six days per week indefinitely. I would get annoyed pretty quickly. So make sure that you don't set yourself up for disappointment by trying to force yourself to adhere to an unrealistic schedule. Of course, if your schedule works great for you then just keep it up, I just wanted to say this just in case ;)...
  3. Ghetto_Chem
    Second Rawbeers statements...

    If your doing it right you'll actually gain weight first. This is muscle weight which is heavier than fat. It may suck to look at the scale but muscle weight is really important as muscle helps burn fat during down time.

    Also I'd switch up two of your cardio days with light strength training and body weight exercises. Pick weights that work well for 20-30 reps and work your whole body both those days. Even if you only do 1-2 sets per exercise. Women often fear picking up weights thinking they'll get bulky but that only happens when hitting heavy weights intensely. Low weight high reps will give the lean/tone look that every women (and some men) are looking for.

    But sounds like your doing good anyways :) Remember this it doesn't matter what the scale says, it matters how you feel when you look in the mirror. If people are saying you look toned that means your doing something right.

  4. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It's normal to gain some muscle at the start of a fitness programme. You won't gain much more though, if any. That muscle will in fact help you lose more weight since the body expends calories to maintain it.

    Also water weight can easily account for 5lbs of weight in its variations. So relax for now, you needn't yet cut more calories. Figure out your basal metabolic rate (there's many online websites which do this) and eat 300-400 less than that. If you eat too little your body can go into starvation mode where it stores fat much more readily.

    It can be tempting to go for extremes in diet and exercise, because we want results faster. It won't help though±
  5. idfma
    Yep, you can consider me the extra five pounds because I can't add any facts to what these gentlemen have already said, but I've been working out for the last 25 years regularly, and I've talked to/seen a lot of people go through this. Don't even sweat it LC (pun intended)--you're going exactly where you should be.

    If you're exercising properly and seeing the kinds of results you describe, the weight will take care of itself. The BMI guidelines are just that--estimates to help people get an idea of where they should be, but only your body knows what it's 'ideal' weight is when you treat it right, and that may be higher than whatever BMI guidelines you're looking at.

    You're doing everything right, and that drop in HR by 10-15 points is the best indicator, and the next best indicator is that it's helped your mood/state of mind. The 5 lbs will take care of itself, if you stick with the program. ;)

    Nice work--keep it up!!!!!
  6. C.D.rose
    Ha, this is great. A female member posts about working out in the usually deserted blog area and boom, out of nowhere five guys appear to give gym advice. This is kind of how I imagine being a woman at the gym ;)...
  7. Joe-(5-HTP)
    And then the white knight shows up to pretend he's any different : P
  8. C.D.rose
    Lol nah, if you scroll up you'll see I was among the five ;)...

    Are there actual white knights on DF? I think we're all depraved here...
  9. Joe-(5-HTP)
    There must be one somewhere.. prob in the nootropic forum.
  10. rawbeer
    Actually I was just trying to earn Lady Codone's confidence so I could hock some of my overpriced weight loss supplements. Way to fuck it up guys!

    Honestly I spent most of my life in pretty bad shape, some of it pretty overweight. I didn't start exercising regularly until my late 20's. So I've been through a lot of mental obstacles. A big part of the reason I post anything, anywhere on DF is out of hope that others can learn from my mistakes without having to make them on their own. And now I work out all the time and have become one of those douche bags that loves to talk about working out.

    Now does anyone need any pomegranate extract? It's what makes me run so fast!!!
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