'Gym pill' trips fat-burning gene

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  1. ~lostgurl~
    'Gym pill' trips fat-burning gene

    29 April 2007

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    The aim of the pill is to prevent disease rather than build muscles

    US scientists have devised a drug that can switch on a gene to burn body fat, offering hope of an exercise pill.

    Mice given the drug burned off fat, even when they did not exercise, and were resistant to weight gain despite a high-fat diet.

    The ultimate use would be to treat people at risk of obesity-related diseases like diabetes, rather than offer a "no-work six-pack" pill.

    The Salk Institute team presented their work at Experimental Biology 2007.

    The drug mimics normal fat and chemically triggers a gene switch called PPAR-delta. Turning on this switch activates the same fat-burning process that occurs during exercise. Lead researcher Dr Ronald Evans believes the same will occur in humans.

    Human trials

    UK expert Dr Fredrik Karpe, from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, is hoping to test this in the near future.

    Commenting on the work, he said: "There has never been a method to 'medically' switch on fat burning before. The finding that PPAR-delta co-ordinates this process, not only by switching on fat burning, but also to rebuild the muscle in a way making it more fit for fat burning, is of major interest, not least as a completely novel approach for the treatment of the metabolic derangements accompanying obesity."

    But he cautioned; "Although this might become an 'exercise pill', it is unlikely to provide all the other benefits of real physical exercise."


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  1. stoneinfocus
    funny thing is that all those pills work extremyl well the leaner you alreay are, like if you´re pro sport with 5% body fat and would give your performance a gferat edge with 3-1% body fat it does it like nothing, but it doensßt worrk that good when your metabolism is weak.

    Damn swim felt with 400micrograms of corticosteroids still better and stronger than on speed(which doens´t do shit, but this stuff did everything swim dreamt of speed would do for him) after a 180K ride with a mean of 34,7Km/h and could still go on like a machine -this wouldn´t even have been detectable by testing.
  2. sterling77
    I believe fish oil exerts its fat loss effects through PPAR-delta also.
  3. darawk
    Interesting...there are several already available PPAR-Alpha agonists that I know from personal experience to be quite effective. Sesamin and Forskolin are the two i'm thinking of.
  4. Broshious
    Yeah we wouldn't want to help out anyone who isn't sick now would we?
  5. stoneinfocus
    t´s much more lucrative not treating and preventing the true risk factors, with a pills like heroin, amphetamine or fat-burners, performance-enhancers, but wait until the man-boobs weigh more than my arse and then treat diabetes, high blood-pressure, cancer, damaged joints, degenerated cartilage and depression and motion sickness, impotence, acloholism...

    That´s a much better deal, if I was to develop drugs and selling them via middle-men, after paying many other middlemen for getting an approval for selling them, isn´t it?
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