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Hacker encourages Florida motorists to ‘smoke weed erryday’

  1. Rob Cypher
    A clever hacker broke into an LED highway sign in Winter Park, Florida on Saturday night and reprogrammed it to read: “Smoke weed erryday.”

    The sign was clearly visible from Minnesota Avenue, Florida-based WFTV 9 reported. It originally displayed a message about a pending road closure.

    Road signs like this are frequent targets for mischief-making hackers thanks to their ease of access and complete lack of basic security. Although they can be password protected, most road crews do not bother, leaving the default password as “DOTS.”

    The website Jalopnik explained this in a how-to back in 2009 that sparked an epidemic of hacked road signs, most of them warning of zombies. Apparently road crews did not catch on.

    If they ever do, however, it won’t make much difference: all of the signs have a fail-safe that resets the password back to DOTS. Just hold Control and Shift, then type in the letters “DIPY.”

    At least as far back as 2003, the Florida Department of Transportation identified roadside sign hacking as a problem, pledging to “work with mainstream information technology and transportation infrastructure interests to establish requirements for hardening sensors communications, processing centers, and databases against hacking, fraudulent messages, etc.”

    Stephen C. Webster
    Raw Story
    May 13, 2013



  1. Willyzh

    I only made this image yesterday but its relevancy seems to persist.

    Let the record show that I don't live in Florida (anymo').

    Anyhow that isn't even how you spell Erday.
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    Well, I didn't know that the default password IF it has a password is DOTS, good thing I am the only one reading this news article, I mean think of how stupid it would be to not just give out a default password to city property but also NOT change the password after the password had been given out.....it's almost like circular logic for some reason.
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