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  1. baZING
    The first night we met
    we slept on a couch. Later,
    your king was too small.

    You showed me the ropes
    of a glamorous life built
    on a thin white lie.

    Those nights on your roof
    we were so high and in love,
    I, I nearly jumped.

    The final shower
    we shared burns still in me. You
    tasted all my faults.

    There once was a time
    when I truly thought a couch
    was all we needed.


  1. aquatic
    I'll give it a shot:

    Small and exotic,
    you tempted like no other.
    In and out of sheets.

    Eyes captivating
    comfort in our loneliness.
    Every word we clung.

    It was never right.
    You needed your peace of mind.
    Both knew it was time

    if only sooner,
    in another place and time
    thats wishful thinking

    stuck with memories
    instead of your warm presence
    fine, I deserve it.
  2. baZING
    Thanks so much for that, aquatic! I always enjoy getting comments... even better when it's poetry for poetry. I likewise greatly enjoyed your poetic response to RUBQ's "Breakup."
  3. Calliope
    words wrought with steel
    insight, bought dear with loss,
    hot white burns, and need

    baZING, you know I love your poem, but I wanted to leave a more public record of that here. (And was moved to take a stab at a haiku after decades of only writing prose lol). Keep up the writing, it's beautiful. Not just the poetry, the prose too. :vibes:
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