By takeyourmeds · Nov 1, 2008 ·
  1. takeyourmeds
    so punky (brewster that is!) took her directed meds as she should. she didn't snort any ritalin or its generics today. dissolved them, took them buyond prescribed doses and got really sick. punky was mixing her pills with margaritas and mexican food (GOD SHE HATES THAT BARTENDER THAT LITERALLY FUDGED HER OUT OF A JOB!) and mary j and appletinis and purple mary j andpurple pills. so nice of punky's husband to pick her up, no questions asked when she calls before 12. couldn't face the public between the insesinet "(ssp?) babbling about her life and the crooked sway in her swing. dont u hate girls who have kids and do crank jsut to be skinny? they screw their bosses to keep their miniscule jobs and feel good about themselves while drunken pervs and aholes stare down her unbottuned blouse, staring at her financed d-cups and her forgetting she has two kids and a husband at home. but why should they think of it when she'll give a blow job to the young waitor on the bench seat of his truck? ahh - screw the bitterness. just glad husband is so dear to work for punky in three hours as she sits here, probing me to type prose that make no sense. rambling with no rhyme nor reason. can't believe she used to dress as a catholic schoolgirl! now she's winding down, pulling out the last strings before cleaning out her polluted womb so that she may try to have a baby, to give love to one other than herself. full sacrifice, completley worth it, to be a good wife and in possibly another year or so, a mom, no longer living for herself, but for another. SHe thinks its worth it. I KNOW she's right....

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