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Hallucinagenic Pot Has Two MSU College Students Hospitalized

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    [IMGL=white]https://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=39988&stc=1&d=1408901821[/IMGL]JACKSON - Two Mississippi State University students are recovering after their parents say the two smoked marijuana that they believe was laced with something very dangerous.

    "He was just manic, and he was not the same person at all," parent Denise Tate said. "He's lost ten pounds in two weeks since he's been in Starkville." Tate described how her son, 18-year-old Bailey Tate, had changed in the days since he left Madison for MSU. "He always told me that he thought marijuana was safer than alcohol because that's what he's heard on TV, and it's already legal in some states," Tate said. Tate said that false sense of security is what landed Bailey in the hospital, because she believes that pot was laced with a designer drug making the rounds in Mississippi. "Oh gosh, every single symptom he had is described in this drug," Tate added.

    That drug, she believes, is something called 25I, similar to LSD, which can sometimes lead to hallucinations, music euphoria and even death. Craig Tate said his son Bailey was up all night playing music, talking a mile a minute. Then they brought him to the hospital. "The doctor came back, and sure enough, all he had was a little pot in his system," Craig said. "It doesn't explain [what happened]. He's on the total opposite end of what pot does," Craig added. Craig said doctors have told him five MSU students have been admitted in Jackson with similar symptoms in recent days.

    One of those is someone Bailey's family knows well- 19-year-old Christian Jayroe. "He's been in an institution here to try to get leveled out," Chris Jayroe said. "He got checked in Thursday at 5. It's now Saturday, and I saw my son today, and he's not changed." What's most frightening to Chris is an apparent lack of information. "The doctors don't even know what they're dealing with. That's the saddest part of it -- scariest part," Chris said.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration says 25I and similar synthetic LSD compounds have been linked to the deaths of at least 19 people aged 15 to 29 between March 2012 and August 2013. That's why these parents decided to share their stories, to let others know the substance is out there, even in Mississippi. "For them to just think they're smoking pot, and someone's lacing it with something that's toxic and can cause them to be brain dead, and kill them, it's terrible," Denise said.

    MSNEWS.com/ August 24, 2014


    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. profesor
    I was convinced to go to an emergency room while high on MXE. I was hurting anyone, wasn't hurting myself, just was mellowed out and easily talked into admitting myself. They kept me there for 21 hours, and by 19 hours I was very sober and very uncomfortable in a plain room with no reading material or TV and a guard at the door to make sure I didn't leave. I was very agitated by that point, but it sure wasn't because of the drugs. It was then I was sent to a high-security detox with hardcore heroin addicts and homeless alcoholics. So when I hear these stories of hospitalization and how terrible the drug symptoms are supposed to be, I have a great deal of skepticism.
    Hospitals have the right to detain a person as long as they are intoxicated and guess who defines and decides what constitutes "intoxication". They then have the right to detain someone in detox/mental health centers for three days (five if it includes a weekend)
    I have to believe there is money to be made with these legal detentions. Don't let yourself become their victims. Protect yourself and ask for release as soon as possible.
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    You just gotta love this sentence and the journalist's bubble gum sensationalism. We gotta vote to bring back Medieval Stocks for journalists only
  3. chupamivergaguey
    I was gonna zero in on the same quote but you beat me to it ASF.
  4. SpatialReason
    I'm curious as to what the journalist smoked. It's those drugs that I am curious about in the article. The actual text, although drug related, contains complete garbage.
  5. Beenthere2Hippie
    Agreed. Likely a politically leaning-to-the-right-to-the-point-of-falling-over journalist wrote this. Or, he wrote the truth and his right-leaning publisher had an editor "clean up" the writer's final copy to match the viewpoint of the paper's owners. Happens everyday--both left and right of center in the world of reporting. So many biases with so many opportunities to slant someone else's truth, just the littlest bit. That's all it takes.

    Hell. Even The New Yorker, the National Review, AP and the BBC, all high quality, award-winning publications, have all been accused of flavoring their news with bias over the years. The main complication that pretty much guarantees we will never fully rid ourselves of all biased reporting is that we are all subjective thinkers. Caveat lector!
  6. idfma
    All I know is that music euphoria often leads to death--doesn't everybody know that?

    Journalism doesn't exist anymore. It's a bunch of sanctimonious, illiterate, uninformed fuckheads who couldn't research their way out of a wet paper bag even with the editor clawing at it from the outside. How does this get published without some explanation of 25i beyond LSD-like substances?

    How does this writer sleep at night between the utter lack of literary competence and critical thought? He/she talked to this guy's mother, and that's where the information gathering stopped. Pitiful.

    I have read DARE material that was more well-informed. Although, I'm sorry those kids didn't get what they paid for. Is weed really so expensive and hard to get in non-legal states dealers need to cut it? That's just wrong.
  7. Nepenthe
    Hmm, "...music euphoria and even death."

    What an oddly structured sentence. I mean, death is kinda bad. But music euphoria, is that something that's s'posed to scare me? 25I can "lead to" music euphoria?

    Music euphoria is one of my favorite things in the life experience. As an amateur musician, huge music enthusiast, and hopeless audiophile, (as well as dabbler with stuff like 4-AcO-MET) music euphoria fills me with happiness, calm, and productive energy.
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