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Hallucinogenic Drug Legal, Sold In Conn.

  1. Euphoric
    I edited the source out of the article, I was supposed to right? I've seen prices left in articles, but can sources?


  1. Pino
    Funny, the DEA is concerned about uncomfortable feelings...
  2. Mint boi
  3. Perception Addict
    I think salvia can be ingested, it's just not the most efficient route. A friend of swim's did this, but it took a large quantity of leaves.
  4. Mint boi
    Ok well in theory some effects can be gained by ingesting large quantities of salvia. Its a hardly effective route and I don't think the hallucinogenic slavia state would be achievable.

    Edit: come to think of it the maztecs used to make a tea with salvia, so maybe full effects could be achieved, but the does would be huge. Like DMT without an maoi!
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