Hallucinogen’s Popularity May Thwart Medical Use

By cra$h · Sep 9, 2008 · ·
  1. cra$h

    not much really new, but it seems as if the New York Times is supporting regulation of salvia, saving it for medicinal study, and that's big. But the infamous YouTube videos aren't helping, and they're getting even more views. It's going to be a long hard road for the anti-prohibitionists, but if we get more support of other major companies, we can atleast delay almost inevitable prohibition. BE RELENTLESS!

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  1. Richard_smoker
    Re: Hallucinogen’s Popularity May Thwart Medical Use

    lol...is that what people really call it "on the streets?" -DICK
  2. Joe_Pinko
    Re: Hallucinogen’s Popularity May Thwart Medical Use

    Yeah man, ever since salvia became illegal in SWIM's state, SWIM has noticed some shady-looking salvia dealers, hanging around in the streets of SWIM's suburban, middle-class neighborhood.

    During SWIM's morning walks, he passes these characters and they always whisper "Sally D" or "Magic Mint" to SWIM. SWIM wonders how long it will take for them to set up "Salvia Houses" like the proverbial "Crack Houses" of the 80's. Customers go inside, stay for 15 or 20 minutes, leave and never return.

    No, SWIM isn't serious.
  3. elpatto
    Re: Hallucinogen’s Popularity May Thwart Medical Use

    SWIM feels that salvia would be one hell of a treatment course. What would you have to be diagnosed with that the cure could possibly be full scale hallucinations, mind/ body sepparation, and what ever else comes with being a Shamanic tripper.

    Cool article though, had a funny thought of a new age psychadelic rock band singing about "Sally d". Kinda like "Lucy in the Sky with diamonds".
  4. cra$h
    it would be just like the lsd tests of the 60's. Pretty much scare people like serial rapists, child molesters, etc. Also it's anti depressant potential is very real, which if found a good antidepressant (as swim did) than that would make Deleware's infamous Brett's Law look completely idiotic, and need of instant repeal.
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