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Hanged dad died after taking mephedrone

By Balzafire, Sep 18, 2010 | Updated: Sep 18, 2010 | | |
  1. Balzafire
    A fun-loving dad hanged himself after taking club drug mephedrone.

    Mark Jolly, 30, became aggressive and depressed after using the drug - also known as meow meow - an inquest was told.

    He was found by his brother hanging from railings at his flat. Mr Jolly, described as "bubbly" by his family, had earlier taken mephedrone - legal at the time but which has since been banned.

    Days after his death another man from Bolton, Wesley Sharples, 23, killed himself with a shotgun, after taking the drug.

    The inquest heard nine more "otherwise happy people" across Britain had killed themselves after taking the drug.

    Pathologist David Bissett told the inquest at Bolton coroner's court the effects of the drug were not yet properly known.

    Assistant deputy coroner Peter Watson recorded an open verdict.

    By Stephen White


  1. Balzafire
    [h3]Dad found hanged after taking drug[/h3]
    A FATHER took his own life after taking the drug mephedrone — but it is not clear if the substance had any effect on him, an inquest heard.

    Mark Jolly, aged 30, was found by his brother on the afternoon of March 19 of this year hanged from railings in the grounds of the flats in Tonge Moor Road where in lived.

    Bolton Coroners Court heard Mr Jolly he had earlier taken the drug “bubble”

    — a street name for mephedrone — which was legal at the time but has since been banned.

    But pathologist David Bissett said that the effects of the drug are not yet properly known and it was unclear how, if at all, it would have affected him.

    The hearing was told how Mr Jolly had transformed from an outgoing person to one who had become aggressive in the two months leading up to his death. He had been having relationship problems with his girlfriend Lindsey Finley.

    Mr Jolly’s mother Linda Burns said in the two months prior to his death he had a “change of personality”

    and told her he had started taking ‘bubble’.

    “It made him high, and then he would come down low,” said Mrs Burns.

    The day before he was found, Miss Finley said Mr Jolly was drinking from 11am and had taken the drug later in the afternoon.

    In the evening she said she alerted the emergency services because of his threats to kill himself.

    Mr Jolly was released into the care of his family and he was taken back to his flat by his brother, Philip Newby, who spoke to him later that evening.

    Mr Newby found him at 12.30pm the next day.

    A post mortem examination revealed that Mr Jolly was two-and-half-times over the legal drink drive limit and evidence he had taken the drug was found.

    The cause of death was hanging.

    Assistant deputy coroner Peter Watson recorded an open verdict.

    He said: “There is a possibility that the drug he had ingested and alcohol he had taken had an effect on his judgement.

    “He was a young man in the prime of his life who had a lot to live for.”

    Paying tribute to her son after the hearing, Mrs Burns said: “His daughter Lucy, aged three, will know everything about her father.

    “We are a very close family and he is so terribly missed. He was a fantastic brother and son.”

    ● Last month a inquest into the death of 23-yearold Wesley Sharples, who shot himself after coming home from an all-night party in which he took cocaine, mephedrone and methylone, was told his death was one of nine across the country in which otherwise happy people had inexplicably killed themselves after taking mephedrone.

    16th September 2010
  2. snapper
    People with long term mental problems and baggage are often good at appearing normal, even overcompensating a bit. No drug will "make" a normal person commit suicide (except maybe disocciatives or anticholinergics), but a drug may make someone more likely to act on existing inclinations or confront the user with issues and realities that they would otherwise not want to address. Good way to vilify a drug though.
    Note SWIM thinks mephedrone is nasty overall and wouldn't want to be taking any, but SWIM bets this guy had lots of issues and the mephedrone merely facilitated his checking out...
  3. Nnizzle
    A pretty f'ing undescriptive article for something one would think would warrant some information besides "nine others killed themselves as a direct result of ingesting this 'legal high'". Jesus it's not even legal anymore shouldn't the media scare be over?
  4. godztear
    The interesting part about this is that every year over 5,000 people kill themselves in Great Britain. (going off 2008 statistics) 10 of them have used mephedrone at least once according to this article. Don't you think it would be more appropriate for the focus to be on underlying social issues rather then continue to beat a dead horse?
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