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By seeingred · Nov 7, 2008 · ·
  1. seeingred
    I have been tired....although the zoloft is helping me a lot, I feel like I am losing some passion that I used to have. Passion for dreaming, dreaming of the future...but that was even before I started taking zoloft.
    I have been taking xanax this evening. So I slept well, now it's five thirty and I'm not tired one wink. I feel good too. I wonder if xanax mixed with alcohol is a good thing...it seems so. I took my ritual wine and xanax combo, and it seemed to make me feel good. Despite the hiccup spasms. haha, I shouldn't smoke. I can't smoke. It makes me stink like tar and ash, my fingers smells, my teeth turn yellow probably too. I'll get wrinkles at nineteen.

    So I am moving to California!!! Woohoo. OH. Woops. I need to mail them my transcripts.
    But I feel like i've already been accepted...I hope so. Please Please accept me.

    I'm thinking about Hollywood, to go to school.
    It might be fun. I think it willl be. I wish I was in college though because I am missing out in all the fun. What do I do? I get up, get dressed...and nothing...nothing happens.

    I'm a strange girl.

    Well, I actually took a roadtrip to California awhile back with a cousin. We went to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios. FUN!! Although I got a little freaked out by the guys with chainsaws chasing us.

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  1. Metomni
    Good luck with the move, California is fun. :)
  2. seeingred
    Hey thanks. I think it'll be worthwhile, plus I'm going to be doing something I enjoy!
  3. savingJenniB
    California is viewed as a country by many around the world ~
    with good reason!

    Enjoy and learn something.
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