Hardcore Energy Drink banned from stores - FDA recall

By Euphoric · Jul 7, 2009 · Updated Jul 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    [h1]Hardcore Energy Drink banned from stores - FDA recall[/h1]

    White Hardcore energy Shots have Magnesium, loads of B vitamins and about 300mg of caffeine, there has been a new supplement in one of the test tube-like vials that have people concerned - a Utility knife blade.

    In an apparent case of tampering, utility knife blades were found in the drinks, meant to be slugged down in one shot. There are 2 different flavors of these 4 ounce shots, Blue Rage and Black Rush. The Blue Rage flavor was reviewed here by examiner.com.

    The FDA said Sunday that the blades were found in one vial each of Hardcore Energize Bullet drink and New Whey liquid products. Both are being recalled, according to the FDA. Hardcore Energize Bullet is manufactured by Protica Inc., of Whitehall, Pa. Protica, of course, is investigating the incident.

    There is a similar looking energy drink sold in stores in the US, Blutonium Energy, which seems unaffected by this latest scare.

    No injuries have been reported as a result of the tampering.

    July 6, 9:32 AM


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  1. bubbly nubs
    I am slightly confused...they found knifes in bottles of energy drink? How bizarre. Who would do something like that on purpose, and for what cause?
  2. Alfa
    Yeah, Stanley blades added to the drink. Some sick minds are involed.
  3. purplehaze147
    I'm slightly confused too, were the knifes added purposely to the drink or was it just in one of them? Also how does a knife fit in one of those little one shot bottles, are the bottles similar to the 5-hour energy ones. My bad if I didn't read the article well enough, but I just don't understand a few parts of it.
  4. Alfa
    Small utility blades where added several of those flasks. It would be helpful if euphoric would add the article image.
  5. markdahman
    OMG ive consumed several of these! The bottle is actually quite large, u could fit a entire new x-acto knife blade in there its jut slightly bigger then it! Although it does say on the bottle ONE SHOT ENERGY! lol
  6. bubbly nubs
    OK this is seriously fucked up. Whoever did this must be a right sicko indeed.
  7. nibble
    Anybody reminded of the so called "tylenol murders" of the early 80's? Different, but it's the same sick principal - anonymously harm/kill with a seemingly harmless product.
  8. Alias: V
    Wow, really? Reminds me of the "razor blades in apples" stories they told me as a kid. Ha ha, those stories were meant to scare us, not inspire us.
  9. Sven99
    Could be corporate espionage. A competitor sneakily adding them to harm a competing brand.
  10. ninjaned
    thats pretty fucked up, do you really think that a competitor would do that just so they could sell a couple more energy drinks?(not knocking your post, actually curious)
  11. nibble
    It's pretty unlikely to be honest. Much more probable that it is just an indivdual doing it for some sort of depraved "kick".
  12. Sven99
    I'm a bit more inclined to believe that a competitor or a disgruntled employee did it to hurt the company (not necessarily in the belief that they would make more money - could just be out of some perceived sense of revenge) than to believe somebody did it for fun. Even with crazies, there's usually a motive.
  13. ninjaned
    i guess that makes more sense than someone doing it for fun, but still... jeez the depravity of some people just shocks me.
  14. Valseedian
    there's a 'candy check' bin at the police station in my city. if you suspect a candy of being tampered with, throw it in..

    in years past they've found blades, poison and drugs.
  15. El Calico Loco
    There are those who simply enjoy hurting others. They think its funny. They are a small percentage of the population, but are more common than most realize.

  16. Pumpkin
    great!..Now ive got the energy to go cut somebody!

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