Harm Reduction as Pleasure Activism

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    Harm Reduction as Pleasure Activism

    "In 2004, organizer Adrienne Maree Brown described the links between pleasure activism and harm reduction: “Some people think I’ve spent the last several years of my life working with raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, destigmatizing drug use, and ending overdose, but really it’s about breaking down barriers to pleasure. So I’m a pleasure activist.” Certainly Brown is not alone in this sentiment. “I don’t think we do acknowledge the pleasure though,” explains Allan Clear, “not as much as we should.” The following takes up where Brown and Clear leave off, considering the anarchism of harm reduction and the pleasure of sexual civil liberties activism, and their cross currents. Both anarchism and queer activism have long challenged anti-pleasure ideology.

    Through decades of social struggle, the two overlapping movements have come to share an embrace of the insurrectionary possibilities of pleasure, a rejection of social controls and formal hierarchies in favor of mutual aid networks and DIY community building, the use of direct action, and a culture of resistance. Pleasure activism manifests itself in any number of these cross currents."

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    Written by: Benjamin Shepard, Dec 31, 2012, Harm Reduction as Pleasure Activism, Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire

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    Guess, it's the long going practice of fear and control by the few over the masses and there thoughts and ideas... You have to conform to the norm with fear of saying what people in the general population as well as the activists,, really feel but all the while the next 2 generations or so of polititions and the churches are around everything will be just banging ya head against the the wall for a long time to come yet... Maybe but hopefully there just might be a light bulb suddenly turn on Well ya could gobon for ever, so I'll stop now.. :)
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