Harry Potter is as addictive as drugs

By 0utrider · Mar 1, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. truth
    enjoyment is a drug. everything is a drug now it seems like to SWIM
  2. Mint boi
    If I remember correctly "childline" in ireland opened a helpline specifically for children who were traumatized by the fact that the series ended after the last book!
  3. old hippie 56
    Over a damn book, never read one or seen any of the movies. Know a few people who kids read all of them and they wasn't "traumatized" by the ending.
  4. Mint boi
    Sorry I meant that they were traumatized by the fact that the series was over! Not by the actual ending. Its messed up alright, but ... well... so are kids these days.
  5. x cynic x
    Maybe the kids with trauma had only one friend, a fictitious boy named Harry. How would you feel if you couldn't hang out with your only friend? I think that the antisocial kids who were really into these books got really sad, and everyone else didn't care. Anyway, food is more addictive then drugs, so lets ban that and Harry Potter, then the world will be free of troubles.
  6. Alfa
    So how the hell do they administrate this? It surely doesn't fit up yer nostrills.
  7. Nature Boy
    No less than a year ago, SWIM was utterly shocked to find out that many of his best friends have read and enjoyed the Harry Potter books. It was like discovering a vast conspiracy taking place right in front of him.
  8. 0utrider
    AW: Harry Potter is as addictive as drugs

    i read it, it was great!
    am i know incriminating myself ;)
  9. FrankenChrist
    I hate these stories. Either they're clever shmarketing for Harry Potter, made-up fluff for newspapers or newspapers trying to ride the bandwagon.
    Even if they're not, there are higher goals to allocate resources to.
  10. Senor Gribson
    This just in; sports, music, religion, and general knowledge are all similar in addiction potential to "drugs" and cigarettes.
  11. old hippie 56
    Good point senor, just simple pleasures meant to hide the big picture.
  12. zera
    I can see the future, where one day before doing anything that could be considered enjoyable we'll have to check in with the DEA.

    Me: I'm going to Florida to visit my relatives.

    Agent Jones: Weather's pretty good there right, they also have nice beaches. Sounds too enjoyable, we don't want you becoming an addict now, do we? The last thing this country needs is anymore happiness junkies.

    Me: No sir, that's why I've prepared a 3 point plan to keep my dopamine and serotonin levels to a Federally acceptable level. Every morning upon waking I plan to have my someone give me a swift kick in the balls. Also I plan on making sure that every meal I eat is burnt.

    Agent Jones: Sounds acceptable. Remember to call this number if you find yourself smiling for more than 30 minutes consecutively. Have a mildly stimulating, unpleasant journey.
  13. Joe Duffy
    I believe the bioavailability of Harry Potter books after rectal administration is significantly higher than oral or aural means of administration.
  14. old hippie 56
  15. EndThisDisgustingDystopia
    I never thought we'd be able to plug in books.
  16. Paracelsus
    I hear kids these days administer books by shooting photons onto their retinas. If one overdoses on these photons, one can go blind!
  17. Alicia
    possibly by some sort of solvent? maybe an extraction from the pages, final result being evaporated and snorted or oral capsules maybe.

    damm that Jk Rowling she knows how to have them coming back for more and more. swia only seen first film she was tempted to by the book. but then she dont need too as she hears it word from word from one of her friends.
  18. fnord
    Anyone read any of the barry trotter books?

    Found this while searching for a barry trotter review:

    We should start campaigning for a ban,maybe tack it onto teh bill to ban dihydrogen monoxide.
  19. gilligan_911
    yes its true... i heard a story about someone shooting another person to get the first copy of the 7th book.. sounds the same as "one junkie shot his dealer this morning to get his supply..." more potter fiends on the loose, when will it end?

    ive heard of this dihydrogen monoxide stuff. pretty scary, from all the stories ive been told. i think you can find it in almost any neighborhood these days. it should be sch 1 just like that fiendish LSD.
  20. FrankenChrist
    Mwhaha. Some assholes spoiling Harry Potter

    I lol'd
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