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By Shiacmkmleer · Jul 14, 2007 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    Not really news... but I rofled

    Ecstasy pills using Harry Potter logo discovered

    July 15, 2007

    ECSTASY tablets bearing the Harry Potter logo have hit Australia again.
    A 30-year-old man, identified by police as a member of the Finks motorcycle gang, has been arrested by detectives in Adelaide after nearly 2300 tablets stamped with the distinctive HP logo were found.
    Ice, or crystal methamphetamine, as well as cannabis, an SKS semi-automatic rifle, stolen goods and about $29,000 in cash were also found.
    The man was released on police bail.
    Yesterday, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia spokesman Paul Dillon said that while the discovery was bizarre and could attract widespread media attention, it could distract from the more significant problem of alcohol consumption among youth.
    "Harry Potter is seen as a brand of quality and that's why people are putting it on ecstasy tablets," Mr Dillon said.
    But he said the notion that young Australians were being targeted by drug suppliers linking Harry Potter images with ecstasy did not make sense.
    To come in contact with these pills, a person would have to come into contact with ecstasy-using networks, he said.
    "But we know that the vast majority of school-based young people … are far more likely to be entrenched in the alcohol culture."
    Dillon said the latest statistics showed about six per cent of 14-19 year olds had reported ever using ecstasy while alcohol remained the drug of choice for the majority of teenagers.

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  1. Nagognog2
    Here in the Untied Snakes, I'm sure the government would clain the HP XTC tabs were responsible for children turning to alcohol. And cannabis, Heroin...and of course they were aimed at kiddies! Just like cartoon-character LSD!
  2. Orchid_Suspiria
    Swim agrees with almost all of this other than one point,the government would actually be happy if something turned children to good ole liquor.Afterall they can become hardworking alcoholics that would NEVER do anything bad like smoke marijuana and just go out on weekends and physically assault people in barfights,slap their wives around a little(have to teach her to never violate those good family values Mr.President promotes),and when they find their kid smoked some pot beat them within an inch of their lives.
  3. Kodi
    Exactly, its entertaining to see how other governments react to these findings. If this was the US, I bet somehow that so much spin would get put on it that somehow they would say JK Rowling promotes extacy use or something else rediculous like that
  4. Shiacmkmleer
    Naw they'd just bitch a lot about how they want to sell drugs to little kids...
  5. wednesday
    XTC can lead to reading in young children

    Harry potter xtc parties are popping up all over australia and believe it or not they take the drug and read a random harry poter book all night long. The US government has been reported to have said that reading while on XTC could seriously ruin reading for the rest of your life so please don't try it at home. What kind of world are we living in where children take a substance that after hours of fact checking is ILLEGAL and then read. Jesus would truly be outraged if he were alive. So if your child asks if he can borrow your harry potter book for the night just know it could be his last.

    Hayzeuzses Bartholomeuwe Lemontington
  6. toe
    Oh, certainly. It was the same thing with the MacDonald's acid in the early 90s.
  7. Nagognog2
    An all-black tablet of LSD was released in 1968. It was called 'LBJ' in honor of the then-President. It's advertising slogan was: "It's guaranteed to be a bummer."

    Now let's see some Bush acid come rolling off the presses. 500mcg each should be sufficient.
  8. psyche
    The Harry Potter -XTC link is not a bit less senseless than the usual drugs-murder link seen in the press even these days. And it is targeted to adults who should know better, for christ's sake!
  9. Beeker
    You can certainly bottle a feeling ... potions FTW! :thumbsup:
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