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Harwich: Half million pound cannabis haul seized

  1. Balzafire
    Officers discovered the estimated 188kg of the drug concealed in a cavity underneath the wooden floor of a lorry’s trailer.

    The lorry arrived at Harwich on a ferry from the Hook of Holland and was heading to the Midlands.

    The trailer was listed as carrying a mixed load, including computer parts and breakfast cereal. Discrepancies in the lorry’s paperwork prompted officers to stop the vehicle for further checks as it disembarked.

    A detailed examination of the vehicle by Border Force officers identified the secret cavity containing the stash of drugs in blocks each weighing approximately 0.5kg.

    Brian Hill, UK Border Agency Assistant Director at Harwich, said: “This seizure demonstrates the elaborate measures that serious criminals are prepared to take in an effort to avoid detection. However, our officers’ diligence combined with the use of cutting edge technology, ensured we foiled this criminal attempt.

    Drug smugglers are serious criminals who care only about profit and think nothing of the damage caused to individuals and communities by their illegal activities. Therefore, while we are delighted to have prevented these harmful drugs from reaching the UK’s streets, we are equally pleased to have prevented the profits from reaching the criminals’ pockets.”

    The 51-year-old British driver of the lorry was arrested on suspicion of the illegal importation of Class B drugs. The man, who lives in Ireland, has been bailed until 11 February 2011 pending further enquiries.

    19 November, 2010


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