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Have Beatles Archeologists Uncovered John Lennon's Long Lost LSD Stash?

By Potter, Apr 20, 2010 | |
  1. Potter
    There are so many myths surrounding The Beatles, it can sometimes be difficult to work out who or what to believe. More column inches have been devoted to the Fab Four than perhaps any other rock band in history. But how much of it is true? Did Paul McCartney really die in 1966 or was he, in fact, a walrus? It's hard to tell.

    But perhaps one of the most fascinating, feverishly-rumoured tales about the band concerns a stash of drugs John Lennon supposedly buried in his garden in 1967. The rock legend is said to have dug a hole for a vast quantity of LSD at Kenwood, in Weybridge, Surrey only to then forget where he'd put them, leaving the illegal bounty hidden underground forever.

    It has now emerged that a group of builders working at the estate, where Lennon lived between 1964 and 1968, have made an amazing and potentially decisive discovery while digging up the lawn. They are reported to have found a leather holdall containing several large, broken glass bottles, plus one that has not smashed.

    An unofficial Lennon blogger has reportedly spoken to the foreman from the construction company and obtained photos of their findings, which you can SEE HERE. "The bottle that has been discovered intact is the only remaining one, and luckily I will look after that one safely now given the provenance... a leather bag with two clasp handles seems to have been what these items were buried in. The bag has almost completely rotted away," explained the builder.

    It remains to be seen if any evidence of LSD can be traced to the hoard but this seems to back speculation that has waged for many years over Lennon's lost drugs and how they were obtained. In the Beatles biography ‘The Love You Make', the authors Peter Brown and Steven Gaines recounted how the band supposedly sent a film crew to shoot the Monterey Pop festival in San Francisco in 1967. But the team were actually sent as a smokescreen.

    Their real mission was to meet the infamous drug pioneer Owsley Stanley, who is credited with introducing The Beatles and the hippy generation to a new and very controversial substance. He gave them a consignment of liquid LSD, which eventually fell into the hands of Lennon, before being buried in the grounds of Kenwood. That's if you believe the myth, of course....

    by Johnny Famethrowa



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