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Have some herbal incense vendors had charges dropped because they sold legal chems?

  1. Cindy Brady
    I've been told something but I'm not sure I believe it. I've looked but can't confirm anywhere. Maybe someody here knows something.

    I've been told that some of the herbal incense dealers who were raided and arrested recently, but turned out to only to be selling 5FUR-144 and/or UR-144 have been released and product returned because they were't breaking the law. Along with this I was told that only those selling JWH products and bath salts were facing legal issues (if not in every case, most of them).

    I was told all this by somebody who wants to sell their herbal incense store so they may have an ulterior motive.

    Has anyone heard this same information? Or is this person either misinformed or possibly even lying to me?

    BTW - I know this is a subjective area where just because one case isn't prosecuted, another could be. I'm just wondering if it's true that some law enforcement people interpret these two chemicals as being legal.


  1. Basoodler
    Re: Have some herbal incense vendors had charges dropped because they sold legal chem

    Sounds like a bs story to me.. the vendors don't have a reliable means to monitor the chemical content of blends. The lab reports provided by the manufacturer is worthless as far as a means to defend your self in court or as a way to monitor what is in the blends.

    Furthermore, I doubt law enforcement is going to send it off and return it saying.. ooh sorry.. its ur-144.. my bad. They are out to stop the industry as a whole, and depending on your state laws, will probably not be so easy on the retailer.

    Not knowing what state its hard to give a great answer.. other than.. no its not that easy
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