Having the 3rd most visited member page on DF...

By Joe-(5-HTP) · Dec 8, 2013 · ·
  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    1st is Alfa: This page has had 21,121 visits Of course Alfa will be top, as the forum leader he has this unfair advantage.

    2nd is Missparkles: This page has had 13,658 visits. Sparkles of course is so popular, no way I'll ever beat her.

    BUT, coming in at 3rd place:

    Joe-(5-HTP): This page has had 8,851 visits

    This leads me to wonder.. Just why am I so popular? Anyone got any ideas? What factors determine how many views a members profile gets? Please share your thoughts!

    Ps: for all the haters who say Heretic Ape is actually 3rd place, I gave him 10,000 profile views as a joke. So the Joke's on you too!

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  1. Phungushead
    no·to·ri·ous adjective \nō-ˈtȯr-ē-əs

    1. Well-known or famous for something bad

    You're missing two very important things though...

    1. dyingtomorrow has 13,865 views

    2. And nice try - 10,000 views is still 10,000 views, man... Regardless of intent [noparse]:D[/noparse]

    Don't feel too bad though, being number 5 out of 200,000+ members is still pretty good lol.
  2. Joe-(5-HTP)

    lol, are you sure your 6.5K views aren't making u jelly?

  3. Calliope
    I think there must be a fair number of views of your profile by individuals stopping by in order to say a little prayer for your soul. It will be these christians really I am sure who are the core of your fan base. :eek:
  4. Booty love
    I want to get your opinion on something. I was thinking of creating a thread telling everyone i'm having a contest for changing my avatar. The choices are to be posted on my vm's. 2 weeks from the date i will pick my favorite. The avatar should be how the member envisions the way i look. What do you think?
  5. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I think you should ask that question in a designated question asking area, not this important blog.

    lol calli.
  6. WizardMindBomb
    Well Joe, I found this interesting link to your blog on the bottom of some page I was on, but I am trying damn hard to resist my curiosity to click on the link to your profile. Or does visiting this blog count too? Dammit! I dunno what to do! aaaaah! im gonna just close the page
  7. Booty love
    I'm catching up to you on monthly avg. profile views. i'm avg. 140/month and you 145/month. I will never catch you for total views but I will over take you on monthly avg. I'm special:p
  8. Calliope
    lol you haute couture catwalk model types are getting fancy with the measurements, what is a prêt-à-poter girl to do? wait, what? how does one see monthly average profile views? Does it require personal record keeping, or is there somewhere this statistic can be seen? :p
  9. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I'm pretty sure it means he made a personal record. I wonder what else is in my 'file' lol.
  10. John_bob
    You a all those visits to your account for the following reasons :
    - First, you post in almost all fora so many people see that you exist and hence you tend to receive more visits. The fact is that a given average member generally visits a few fora (I say 10/member on average) thus he's not likely to see (and hence to visit the profile of) members active in other fora.
    - Second, Your friends have high rep on average and there is a network effect, you drain the visitors of your friends, which are numerous too.
    - Third, your profile is quite complete (blogs, images, etc..) thus more "entertaining" than mine for example.

    I still wonder how did I get there however :eek:
  11. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Sorry friends, I drained you.. I am the vampire of the page views.

    I don't use many forums.. pretty much just the LSD & SFA forums. Sometimes cannabis & dissociatives & site use & news forums.. but that's it. And that's not even 10!

    I don't have pictures!

    No man, it's because of my huge popularity! lol.
  12. Booty love
    what ever the reasons for the profile hits, its still a fun statistic to compete in. we don't debate much so we compete in silly statistics. what makes it fun is that neither joe or I have any control over how many hits we get.
    Btw, I calculated our profile hits divided by our months in service and rounded out.

    Joe, you are such a great conductor for my will. thank you friend
  13. Joe-(5-HTP)
    I do have control over how many hits I get..!

    I exude popularity and wealth of spirit.. all that stuff

  14. kcha95
    Don't know how I ended up on this page, but while I'm here.. I may only have 4 visitors, but Joe is one of them.

    Maybe I'll become popular by association? Maybe that's how it works.
  15. Joe-(5-HTP)
    haha, actually I think it does work like that a bit!
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