HB 902, A Bill Seeking to Decriminalize Possession Up to 1oz in Texas

By chillinwill · Mar 25, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    HB 902 (http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=81R&Bill=HB902), a bill to decriminalize minor possession of marijuana (up to 1oz), was introduced into the Texas House of Representatives by Rep. Harold Dutton (Dist. 142, Houston). If passed, HB 902 would make the possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana a Class C Misdemeanor, and under Texas law that means a fine up to $500 with NO THREAT OF JAIL-TIME, if convicted!

    HB 902 has been assigned to the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee in the House of Representatives. There are a several different actions that need to be taken on this bill.


    First, we need you all to contact your Representatives and ask them to please consider being a sponsor or co-author of HB 902.
    You can find out who your Representative is by going to, http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/, entering your address, and enter “House” for the District Type. Make sure it lists your “Texas State Representative”.

    Second, we need as many of you as possible to contact the Chairperson of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, Rep. Pete Gallego (Dist. 74, Alpine), and respectfully ask that HB 902 be scheduled for a hearing. It would be most helpful if anyone is a registered voter in Texas’ District 74.

    Third, we need anyone who lives in the districts of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee members to contact those Representatives and ask for their support on HB 902. When the bill does come up for a hearing, we desperately need to have the support of the committee or else it will not advance.
    Below is a list of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee members, their respective Districts, websites, and phone number.

    You can send mail to any of these representatives here:
    P.O. Box 2910
    Austin, TX 78768

    Rep. Pete Gallego, Dist. 74, Alpine, TX
    (512) 463-0566

    Vice Chair:
    Rep. Wayne Christian, Dist. 9, Center/Nacogdoches, TX
    (512) 463-0566

    Rep. Allen Fletcher, Dist. 130, Tomball, TX (Harris County)
    (512) 463-0661

    Rep. Terri Hodge, Dist. 100, Dallas, TX (central)
    (512) 463-0586

    Rep. Carol Kent, Dist. 102, Dallas/Garland, TX
    (512) 463-0454

    Rep. Robert Miklos, Dist. 101, Mesquite/Sunnyvale, TX
    (512) 463-0464

    Rep. Joseph E. Moody, Dist. 78, El Paso, TX
    (512) 463-0728

    Rep. Paula Pierson, Dist. 93, Arlington/Grand Prairie, TX
    (512) 463-0562

    Rep. Debbie Riddle, Dist. 150, N. Harris Country, TX
    (512) 463-0572

    Rep. Allen Vaught, Dist. 107, Dallas/Garland, TX
    (512) 463-0244

    Rep. Hubert Vo, Dist. 149, E/SE Houston, TX (Harris County)
    (512) 463-0568

    Lastly, we need all of you to contact your State Senator, and respectfully request that a “companion bill” to HB 902 be introduced in the Senate. Without a similar bill in the Senate, this legislation will not make it to the Governor’s desk.
    To find out who your Texas State Senator is go to, http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/, enter your address, and enter “Senate” for the District Type. Make sure it lists your “Texas State Senator”.

    Please take action on this very important legislation, and pass on the information to your friends and family.

    By Josh
    Texas NORML

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    good for Texas. that is the most conservative state in america, drug laws are strict there. as well as nevada, where one joint is a felony.

    this though really isn't decriminalizing marijuana , it's re-catagorizing.

    it's would still be illegal to have in your possession, just less severe.

    Good Find , non the less.
  2. old hippie 56
    Contacted my representative already. Doubt he will sponsor anything that might go against his bosses in Smith County.
  3. SmokeRings
    SWIM knows for a fact in the DFW area that they already have made this a "per case" situation. A cop can pull you over and either just write you a ticket, or send one to jail, cop's call completely. As long as you are within the same county. If you purchase in one county, but live in another, all bets are off, you are goin' down.
  4. El Calico Loco
    Hm. While we're at it...a look at the current list of house bills shows two other items of interest:

    HB 126 adds Salvia Divinorum to Penalty Group 3 of the Health and Safety code, whatever that means. Looks like it's to be lumped in with benzos and barbiturates.


    HB 287 seems to lower the penalty for any controlled substance, so long as it's under 1g. Looks to have been introduced by the same person as HB 902.


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