He ripped off his testicles in a drunken rage!

By chillinwill · Jan 12, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A man ripped his friend’s testicles off in a drunken rage when his victim failed to respond to his fondling.

    Hans O. (45) appeared in room 117 of Dusseldorf district court with the public prosecutor accusing the 120-kg man of committing sexual abuse and grievous bodily harm.

    The incomprehensible incident took place on September 2 last year. Hans and his buddy Alexander J. met in the afternoon in the centre of Neuss, a town near Dusseldorf. They drank beer deep into the night.

    Hans O. got completely drunk, and then suddenly overwhelmingly horny…

    He unbuttoned the trousers of his friend who was sleeping on the couch, and messed around with his genitals.

    When the fondling failed to provoke any physical response from Alexander, Hans became furious…

    The prosecutor said: “He twisted the scrotum repeatedly until it broke. Then he took the testicles and hurled them from the window.”

    Despite his life-threatening injuries, Alexander O. returned the two kilometres to his home where his mother called an ambulance.

    Police later found the testicles on the roof where they lay in the snow guard.

    The prosecutor wants Hans O. to be taken into psychiatric accommodation. The accused himself declined to comment: “I’m saying nothing else.”

    The trial continues on January 13.

    January 7, 2010

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  1. Coconut
    Is this real? It's written in a very informal style. Regardless, I think I speak for us all when I say:


  2. dysfunctionaldysexlic
    lol .......how could he walk back home with no balls ....must have hurt ......A LOT
  3. Guttz
    This is one of the most nastiest stuff I've read. How horny do you have to be to start fondling with your best friend. This guy needs some serious help.
  4. Sylentear
    and they say drugs are bad. this is nasty. NASTY i say.
  5. Nature Boy
    What...the...fuck?! Weirdest story I've seen in a long time.
  6. wanderingaimlessly
    I could have went the rest of my life without hearing that story. OUCH!!!
  7. staples

    Lol, "friend ripped off testicles" is apparently common enough to warrant its own directory (I know, I know, it's most likely not really a directory but it's still at least a separate parameter from "in-drunken-rage-when...").
  8. rawbeer
    Assuming Coconut is being satyrical, he makes a good point - if alcohol were some new RC or legal high this would get it scheduled, fast.
    But sadly people have done much worse things while drunk, and we're apparently cool with that.
    Raise a glass!
  9. dysfunctionaldysexlic
    Agree with swirawbeer that fucker may be a repressed homo with his sexuality coming out when drunk so when his friend failed to respond he took out all his years of oppression and frustration by castration(excuse the pun) ....... sick ......marilin manson may make a movie on this....
  10. Yail Bloor
    Oh god... *wipes vomit from chin* How do these people make it that far through life? Why can't we catch loonatics like this at an early age?... ugh.
  11. Mammon
    Yup, that's got to be the worst hangover ever.

    What is it now with guys getting their balls ripped off. I saw a story on here the other day about a guy on mephedrone who (apparently) did this to himself, not his "mate". Is this becoming an urban myth?

    Still, a very good case for defriending that guy on Facebook, I think.
  12. Spucky
    AW: He ripped off his testicles in a drunken rage!

    Sounds like a new "Rammstein-Song"!
    (Du hast Du hast, Du hast meinen Sack geklaut) :laugh:

    I agree with the Coconut, ban this nasty stuff,
    but if someone try this in Germany there will be a Revolution!
  13. FUBAR
    AAAAAArrrrgh what a mental image i have!!! currently/was eating bolied eggs but not anymore. can you inagine the severity of the rage and how much force would he have needed....skin is quite elastic!!! 'This guys head must be a carnival'
  14. Terrapinzflyer
    the turtles aardvark remembers (as much as he tries to forget) a friend trying to hack his penis off WAY too high on psychedelics... "it's dirty, it's dirty..."

    truth that many powerful drugs make one deal with their mental baggage- and sometimes this is tied to ones genetalia.
  15. TheOpium
  16. beena
    When SWIM was in her late teens she and a friend were partying over at another (female) friend's house. All 3 of them crashed out at some point in the early hours. SWIM's friend had a nasty surprise when she woke up on the couch to find her friend's brother had his hands down her knickers and was fondling her. Yikes! SWIM's friend handled it remarkably calmly though - she didn't scream or cause a scene but just started stretching and yawning: making it obvious she was waking up, giving the brother time to stop what he was doing and extricate himself from what could've been a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. SWIM's friend then woke SWIM up and the two of them made a hasty exit. SWIM only knows about it cos her friend told her later that day. She never told her friend whose brother was responsible for this. Needless to say she never slept over at the friend's house again either.
    It's amazing what some people will get up too when they've got alcohol running through their veins.
  17. vinyl78s
    wow, those guys were good friends indeed....:applause:
  18. EyesOfTheWorld
    SWIM was passed out in the back of a Ryder truck on Phish tour with about 15 other people. Tight squeeze, packed in like sardines. He woke up in the middle of the night to someone sticking their hand down his pants, reaching for his willy and starting to tug at it. SWIM used his hand to follow the arm to make sure the arm was attached to a female person. It was, and SWIM just laid there and enjoyed random handjob from random girl, then passed out again. When the lights came on there was no way to see who it was and it was never spoken of. Weird. SWIM was glad it happened but it was definitely odd.
  19. Subvert
  20. godztear
    I wish I had that story to tell, unless the dude had fake booby things inside a bra and had long hair with his penis tucked between his legs.
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