Head Shop Destroyed by suspected fire-bomb attack

By akack2 · Feb 12, 2010 · ·
  1. akack2
    Five units of Dublin Fire Brigade have been tackling a blaze at the Nirvana Head Shop on Capel Street in Dublin city centre.
    Residents near the scene of the fire reported hearing an explosion at around 6.30am.
    Gardaí say they are investigating the cause of the blaze, which spread to an adjoining shop.
    Firemen had to break down walls to get to the source of the fire at the rear of the premises and a small number of nearby homes and businesses were subsequently evacuated.
    AA Roadwatch says Capel Street will stay closed for most of the day.
    There is no access from any of the approach streets and motorists are advised to take an alternative route.
    Luas services are not affected.
    Gardaí are advising caution as smoke is still hampering visibility on most of the adjoining streets to Capel Street and along the North Quays.

    12/02/10 - 02/12/10


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  1. akack2
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    got a call at 6.30 this morning,Jim (the owner reckons it was malicous)

    unconfirmed reports of a pipe bomb
  2. Nature Boy
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    Yup. This was a targeted "vigilante" attack. I put the word vigilante between commas because the victim wasn't actually breaking any laws. I have a feeling some paramilitary group were behind this. Complete bullshit. Imagine if someone had died as a result of this. The sick thing is, the general population will probably see this as a great thing. I hope the store was insured and gets back up on its feet in no time. And I would love it if whoever did this got caught and did serious time. Knowing our criminal justice system however, he'd probably get a fine or a bit of community service. Afterall, you only get a slap on the wrist for murder. Plead manslaughter and get out in less than four years.
  3. Synchronium
    Gardaí investigate fire at 'head shop'

    GARDAÍ ARE investigating a fire which broke out at a “head shop” in Dublin city centre yesterday.


    Nirvana, a store on Capel Street that sells so-called “legal highs,” was gutted in the blaze which led to the closure of the street to traffic.
    Gardai said last night that Capel Street would not now open until Monday.
    The fire started at approximately 6am and quickly spread to two adjoining shops including the sex shop, Utopia 2.

    While the cause of the fire is not yet known, Nirvana’s owner Jim Bellamy claimed it may have been started deliberately following a widespread campaign against head shops.

    Speaking on radio, he said: “Somebody has taken the law into their own hands by the disgusting media coverage of the last month or so. We have been tried by the media, found guilty . . . and this is the sentence.”
    Regulations which will outlaw a range of products sold as “legal highs” in head shops across the State are expected to be introduced later this year.
    Five units of the Dublin Fire Brigade attended the fire including units from Tara Street, Phibsboro and North Strand stations.

    Initially, there were fears the fire might spread to other buildings. But firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control at about 11am; it was not fully extinguished until about 5pm.

    There were no reports of anyone being injured, although a number of residents living in nearby flats were evacuated.

    Throughout much of the day large plumes of smoke billowed on to the quays.

    Dublin Fire Brigade said the shops would have to be demolished.
    One resident living in the building next to Utopia 2, said they heard “a big bang” shortly after 6am and fled their apartment. “We haven’t been told when or if we’ll be able to return home and I’m worried because all my belongings are in there.”

    CHARLIE TAYLOR, The Irish Times

    Saturday, February 13, 2010
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    Firefighters find €500,000 in 'head shop' safe
    Investigators believe massive blaze was accident

    Almost €500,000 in cash was discovered in a safe by Dublin Fire Brigade in the debris of a burnt-down Capel Street 'head shop', according to garda sources.

    It is thought the cash was discovered in a basement of the building which was partly demolished after fire raged through it.

    The cash was believed to have been the takings from the lucrative trade in so-called legal highs. The money is being held by gardai for "safe keeping" over the weekend until the banks re-open.

    Initial investigations into the fire at the shop selling legal highs in Dublin's Capel Street suggest it was an accident. Jim Bellamy, owner of the shop, called Nirvana, claimed on Friday that the fire was started deliberately as a result of recent publicity about the spread of head shops and the effects the products sold there were having on users' mental health.

    He was not available yesterday to comment on the amount of cash recovered from his premises.

    Local residents heard what they said was an explosion at six on Friday morning before fire destroyed the head shop and the adjoining sex shop, which is also owned by Mr Bellamy.

    Examination of the scene showed no sign of an explosion and it appeared that an inflammable substance in one of the premises had caused the fire.

    Mr Bellamy owns another head shop on South William Street in Dublin but staff there yesterday said he would be making no further comment on the matter. "Newspapers are not welcome here," the man said.

    Mr Bellamy, speaking on radio at the scene of the fire on Friday, said he believed the fire could have been started deliberately because of the widespread publicity and public sentiment expressed against head shops and the products they sell.

    He said: "Somebody has taken the law into their own hands by the disgusting media coverage of the last month or so. We have been tried by the media and found guilty and this is the sentence."

    The Government is considering legislation outlawing substances sold legally from head shops, which have sprung up in almost every medium-sized town across the country.

    Much of the criticism directed against the shops has resulted from the fact that at least two people have died here from ingesting substances bought legally from the shops. In both cases, the victims had taken 'magic mushrooms'.

    In the case of 33-year-old Colm Hodkinson, he jumped from the balcony of an apartment in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, in 2005, while hallucinating.

    The other victim, 24-year-old Brian Collins, from Castlebar, Co Mayo died in 2007 from an acute toxic reaction to the chemical amatoxin contained in the product.

    This led Health Minister Mary Harney to ban magic mushrooms, though the other head shop products remain legal. Gardai were due to continue their examination the scene today, and Capel Street was not expected to open until tomorrow.

    Sunday February 14 2010

  5. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    the thing you have to remember is thats half a million that id say 85% of came from the sale of mephedrone, the dublin drugs gangs are out half a million from one shop alone.

    the head shops should of known better, they hardly thougt they could just walk in and and take a cut of the money thats up for grabs from the coke industry with out a fight.

    the old drugs like like smack and coke stay in because theres a serious ammount of money to be made from them and criminal gangs defend the market with there lifes.

    the head shop owners are not cut out to be dealers of highly addictive drugs they cant defend there market from behind a counter. they got greedy and pushed it a step to far. they should of just stuck to selling subs for weed, physchs and the herbal range.

    they should count them selfs lucky there not been shot like up north.

    i dont think people know the scale of abuse and damage that 4-mmc is causing, there's a lot of very pissed off people and i have to say i cant blame them.
    there selling highly addictive chemicals with unknown side effects to people who dont respect them because they were probly under the illusion that they were non/less addictive like most of there products till know.
    dont get me worng i think all drugs should be legal to consum but i dont agree with people selling them on to people with addictive personaltys who dont have the brains to research what it is there taking.
    theres nothing as fucking low as a drug dealer or publician in my view, some people seem to think the sun, moon and stars shine out of there ass. i cant for the life of me see why, they just make vast amounts of money from selling missery to people who all ready have other issues in there lifes. there the whole reason half of the drugs around the world are banned.
    now the head shop owners are gonna fuck things up for the whole rc scene for everyone, well done floks you just shot your selfs in the foot.
    there setting teens up for a life time of abuse of high powerd dopemine stimulants just to line there pockets. it's prety low.

    i know theres a lot of people on here who will not agree with me and give me bad rep for saying this because of there own connection to the whole mephedrone/head shop fuck up and i dont realy give a shit, ive already been given an infraction and bad rep for voiceing my self. so go on ahead ban me, give me bad rep whatever it is your gonna do. dont take your anger out on me its your fuck up and you have no one to blame but your selfs.

    i dont know how they can sleep at night knowing that there fucking teens up before there life even starts.

    money makes the world go round.
  6. Alfa
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    I think that half a million in cash is just spare change. If I see how many people come here searching for terms relating to their products, then its likely that they have millions of direct and indirect customers.
  7. tinytom
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    don't know if you are aware of the situation over here but swim has been put out of his house and had threats of being shot in the knees cause of his mephedrone use/supply.

    paramilitaries don't like the fact that no one will buy their shit pills and cocaine
  8. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    Donegal Town ‘head shop’ subject to weekend attack

    Posted: 15/Feb 12:07
    Last Updated: 15/Feb 12:28
    Gardai are investigating a robbery of a so called head shop in Donegal Town.
    The front door of the shop were smashed in an attack in the early of Sunday morning.
    Those responsible stole ‘legal highs’ with an estimated value of 7,000 euro.
    It is the second head shop in the country targetted over the weekend.

    In Dublin the owner of Nirvana on Capel Street in Dublin’s north inner city claimed the burning down of the shop from which he sells legal highs was an act of Arson.
  9. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    thats why you never here of any gang warfare over drugs in the north both side cathloic and protestant have there territory set up and they willing to kill for it.

    on the other side the drugs cartels in south america and drugs cartels in afganistan (british american army) have there territory set up and they are the drugs they push onto the drugs gangs over this side.

    the last thing i would like to see is anyone getting hurt and i know this is harsh but it's karma you have to remember swiy have ruined lifes by selling mephedrone.

    what did you expect to happen.
  10. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    no wonder there getting burnt out and shot. the drugs trade must be out millions. swim was over in amsterdam before xmas and asked around a few head shops for 4-mmc and they told they dont sell any chemical products and could not beleave that they were selling 4-mmc in head shops in ireland.
  11. ianzombie
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    Swim does not believe anyone (apart from Swiy) would expect death threats for selling Legal substances.
    Alcohol and cigarettes (and even fast food) ruin lives but publicans and supermarket/off-licence staff don't expect to be shot for it.
  12. readeadamie
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    Yeah, half a million euro isn't that much to Nirvana. Since they started opening at nights they have been making a HUGE sum of money. SWIM heard that the one on SouthWilliam Street made €20,000 on Saturday night just gone. The night shift is from 7pm-4am and they always make so much money during it that they arrange for a securicore armoured van to pickup the cash and take it to the bank at 4am.
  13. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    sorry for all the posting and this is not an attack on you akack2 but just out of interst dose your friend jim take mephedrone himself or dose he just sell it?
  14. Phenoxide
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed by fire-bom attack

    The old guard of alcohol and tobacco are so well established that nobody bats an eyelid. Anything else that significantly cuts into the illicit drug market is another matter, and one that is bound to incur the wrath of organized crime (at least, unless it is organized crime that is distributing said drugs). I'm not saying that's a good thing or even fair play, but it shouldn't have been totally unexpected. Legality of mephedrone distribution is superficial. Nobody believes that headshop owners are oblivious to the intended use of their products, which does make their practices questionable, even if a court cannot demonstrate intent to supply for human consumption. Organized crime have a lower quantum of proof and come equipped with bigger guns.

    In many ways they've become victims of their own success. Had mephedrone been a drop in the ocean much like pretty much every other 'legal high' ever distributed then it wouldn't warrant this kind of attention. While I wouldn't condone this campaign of criminal retaliation, it is hard to feel sorry for a community of vendors that have made a killing by aggressively marketing an untested and potentially dangerous drug under the pretense of 'plant food'. Not saying that these specific vendors were notably sleazy, but in a way they are paying for the sins of their fellow entrepeneurs.
  15. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    well swim has been drinking and smoking eating fast food most his life and things were going ok for him, when he started using mephedrone 5 months ago his life went done the tube. it has realy taken its toll on his mental and physical health.
    swim is not saying alcohol and junk food are ok most of all alcohol, but in all fairness its not causing the problems for people that mephedrone has, swim can say this from his own experance. swim is not blaming the head shops for this as he would buy online but he knows a lot of poeple who have been fucked up by mephedrone which came from head shops.
  16. Motorhead
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed by fire-bom attack

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  17. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed by fire-bom attack

    sorry motherhead i got a bit carried away ill fix em up, cheers.
  18. thegooddr
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    this gos to show the grip that mephedrone is having on people, (swim himself is addicted to it) it's gone to the stage where there doing smash and grabs like heroin addicts are doing in methadone pharmacys. it just gos to show the addictive nature that mephedrone has, it's as bad as meth in swims veiw. perhaps even worse.

    ill see what els i can dig up.
  19. Phenoxide
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed

    What makes SWIY think this theft was out of desperation to feed someone's habit? Mephedrone is dirt cheap, and even if someone is getting through grams a day it is quite affordable. Too affordable perhaps.

    This seems more like business to me. A few thousand euros worth of mephedrone would get a decent return when sold on at discount. Most attractive of all, the police are hardly going to be busting their asses trying to recover and return the merchandise, and bring those who stole it to book. Not a bad strategy for thieving really.
  20. Alfa
    Re: Head Shop Destroyed by fire-bom attack

    Head shop fire was ‘deliberate’

    UP to €500,000 was rescued from a safe in the basesment of a head shop on Dublin’s Capel Street that was destroyed in a fire on Friday morning.

    Firefighters found the money while tackling the blaze. The gardai are investigating the possibility that it was started deliberately by parents whose teenage children had consumed legal highs purchased from the store.

    Detectives are offering security advice to Jim Bellamy, the owner of the Nirvana head shop. Gardai believe petrol may have been used as an accelerant in the blaze, which spread to two adjoining shops.

    Gardai in other parts of Dublin have stepped up patrols in shopping districts with head shops amid concerns that they will be targeted. There are concerns that the shops, their owners and staff may become the focus of a campaign by dissident republicans or anti-drugs activists in the coming months.

    The Real IRA shot the owner of a head shop in Derry last month, claiming responsibility for the attack by using a cover name. The victim was seriously injured. The paramilitary group has since warned the owners of other head shops in Northern Ireland that they must close down.

    The terrorist group, which murdered Gerard Staunton, a 42-year-old suspected drugs dealer in Cork last month, is expected to issue a similar threat to owners of head shops south of the border. In the absence of political action curtailing the legal sale of drugs, gardai fear that republican dissidents will use the controversy surrounding head shops to win support.

    There are also fears that the city’s drug trafficking gangs may attack the shops, which sell drugs paraphernalia and stimulants that create feelings of euphoria similar to ecstasy and cocaine. The sale of illegal drugs including heroin has collapsed in parts of Dublin’s north inner city following the opening of head shops.

    “All the information available to us indicates that various groups have an interest in attacking these shops,” said a senior detective. “Head shops are being targeted by republican extremists and drug dealers for very different reasons.

    “They are also a source of numerous complaints from residents as they are an attraction for drug addicts and users.”

    The force is adopting an ad hoc approach to head shops. Senior gardai in Dublin’s north central division have warned owners of head shops that they could face prosecution for endangerment if a customer falls ill after consuming a legal high. Other gardai have chosen to ignore the shops, however.

    Source: Times online, February 14th 2010

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