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  1. chillinwill
    You can't buy a buy a bottle of wine after 10pm or smoke in a public place -- but you can buy a "legal high" 24 hours a day or even have it delivered direct to your door.

    So called "head shops" are a booming business throughout the country.

    Often dark and poky looking, they are packed from floor to ceiling with various smoking, snorting and plant growing equipment.

    Mysterious substances that have not yet been officially banned in Ireland are for sale and labelled as plant food and bath salts, marked "not for human consumption".

    "XX Smoke, XXX Smoke, Snow and Hurricane Charlie are the most popular at the moment," said an employee of the Nirvana head shop in South William Street in the centre of Dublin. The legal highs it sells allegedly give similar effects to cannabis and cocaine for a much cheaper price. And Nirvana, which has been in business 1993, now has a chain of shops around the country. "Because there's so much talk about head shops in the media, it's making people more aware of what you can get here," said one customer last week. He added: "I never would have come into a head shop until recently."

    Under the law, customers must be over 18 to buy anything from a head shop.

    However, there is nothing to stop you ordering whatever you want online for delivery to your door.

    "An Post deliver and you only have to sign if your order is over €50," said one head shop employee.

    The employee added: "We used to provide couriers but had to stop because they kept getting beaten up when they delivered the packages."

    One user of Mint Manias, which gives a similar effect to ecstasy, described her experience after taking one capsule as a "nightmare".

    She added: "I thought I was going to have a heart attack, my heart was beating so fast. The heart palpitations, anxiety and panic lasted at least 24 hours."

    On RTE's Primetime, an accident and emergency doctor recently told how more and more patients were presenting with symptons -- such as hallucinations, anxiety and psychosis -- after taking "legal highs".

    The Department of Health announced last Wednesday that certain substances on sale in head shops would be brought under the control of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977, meaning that some of the more popular products will soon be outlawed.

    However, former government minister Jim McDaid told Newstalk that a ban on head shops would be a "huge mistake". He said: "If we ban those drugs we are going to lose control of these drugs to the street people again."

    Referring to the ban of BZP from head shops last year, and the subsequent seizure of €1.7m worth of the drug, Mr McDaid added: "BZP is now a street drug, we lost control of BZP."

    However, Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews yesterday welcomed the ban. He added: "I have been greatly concerned by the recent reports detailing the potential serious health risks associated with the consumption of many of the products available in these retail outlets."

    Februry 7, 2010


  1. Nature Boy
    I love the intro to the article. "You can't buy a bottle of wine...". How dignified sounding. Well, you can't buy a bottle of Tesco rat-piss vodka either and no-one suffers harmful second-hand smoke inhalation as a result of mephedrone. The ragsheets are all over headshops at the moment. I expect meph (I flat-out refuse to call it "meow") to be banned very soon. If anyone's interested in this stuff, they should stock up now but don't be too worried. There are plenty of drugs capable of replacing it.
  2. port 21
    This pisses me off. I was talking to a police officer about mephedrone and they said "yeah, theres been very few deaths, but some people might be allergic to the chemical and have a bad reaction" and i replied with "what, like people who are allergic to aspirin? and peanuts? gonna ban them?" she didnt know what to say =P
    And the intro's bullshit, you can have fags and alcohol delivered at all hours by asda :/

    The UK and US has lost the war on drugs. they need to give up and look at new tactics.
  3. Abrad
    Not in Ireland. This article is from an Irish Newspaper.
  4. port 21
    Most references came from the Uk though, and its where dangerous dave lives, so he spoke from experience. =P And besides, thats not exactly the point he was making. lol.
  5. Nature Boy
    SWIM heard something about a new headshop that recently opened in Cork. Apparently, they'll sell legal highs to children of any age. They're purely profit driven and have no ethical sense in terms of sales. There was another rumour about the owner IDing someone and getting a knife put to his throat. Not sure about that one so take it with a pinch of salt.
  6. Coconut
    That kind of shit infuriates me. People who are willing to sell to children are the scum on the boot of drug culture, and if the media finds out, they'll have an absolute field day.
  7. anonuser30500
    After the recent shooting of some head shop manager or worker, Swim would imagine that anyone really selling mephedrone to the under-18s in Ireland would be well and truly in a world of trouble.
  8. akack2
    He was shot cause he wouldnt pay protection

    also there is no law stating that we cannot serve under 18s

    we make the choice not to

    i do fear however that some stores do as plenty of them are run by complete assholes
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