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Health Canada warns against use of unapproved ephedrine, kava kava products

By Paracelsus, Aug 23, 2008 | | |
  1. Paracelsus


  1. Junket
    Is Life Choice a specific kind of kava, or is this warning for all?
  2. Streak of Blue
    I thought liver toxicity from kava kava was found to be bullshít years ago (?)
  3. cnsns2ccl2
    It appears that Life Choice is the particular brand of ephedrine HCL and kava kava as they go on to describe how it is packaged and what the label looks like on the bottle.
  4. Panthers007
    Yes - the Kava~Kava/liver-damage story was found to be utter bullshit. In the testing they did, they used last-stage alcholics and claimed their liver-damage was from Kava~Kava use. Similar to the MDMA/brain-damage tests that used methamphetamine instead of MDMA. Or the LSD/chromosome scare in the 1960's that boiled chromosomes in aqueous sodium hydroxide and blamed damage was from LSD.
  5. Lobsang
    Well actually in Canada this is part of a bigger movement to stop the sale of ALL herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. Well most all.
  6. Alfa
    Same as the EU then. Hail big pharma!
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