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Health experts recommend homegrown opium and more to fight overdose crisis

The BC Centre for Disease Control has released recommendations on how to address the overdose crisis, including addressing drug contamination,...
  1. perro-salchicha614

    The BC Centre for Disease Control has released recommendations on how to address the overdose crisis, including addressing drug contamination, reforming drug laws, and fighting the stigma around drug addiction.

    One of those solutions is allowing drug users to grow their own opium to ensure they have an uncontaminated alternative. Another recommendation is to expand drug testing programs, something currently offered at Insite.

    The overdose crisis has killed 780 people in B.C. so far this year, of June 2017.

    “We are in a time where bold leadership and action is needed at all levels of government if we are going to address the overdose crisis,” said Katrina Pacey, executive director of Pivot Legal Society.

    Pacey was one of 130 experts, including physicians, public health experts, and community workers, who attended the Overdose Action Exchange meeting in June.

    “We support each and every recommendation put forward by the BC Centre for Disease Control, which has carefully assessed the public health evidence and the perspectives of people who use drugs, and put forward a list of pragmatic and effective solutions.”

    The source of drug contamination will remain an issue until illegal drugs are decriminalized and regulated, according to the report. The authors recommend policymakers start by decriminalizing the personal use of illicit drugs.

    The report also suggests social programs to counter stigma against drug addiction. It notes that policymakers can learn from stigma-reducing campaigns for HIV, mental health, and alcohol issues.

    Original Source

    Written by: Wanyee Li, Aug 17, 2017, Health experts recommend homegrown opium and more to fight overdose crisis, Metro News


  1. Dr.Lethargy
    Yes! Finally! Not all users are abusers! Most folks diagnosed as Bi-Polar, Addict or Treatment Resistant Depression are actually Endogenous Deficiency Syndrome and require external opiates! Oxycodone actually treat Hypothyroidism better than the approved Synthoids! Folks on Opiates even produce 50% more natural protein than nonusers. Around 100 years ago Heroin, Opium, Cocaine and Marihuana were the four basic medications in one way, form, shape or substance. Thought safe enough for children there was even Fussy Baby Tonic to pour into baby's bottles to calm them ORRR to give to them or toddlers along with a toy or book to occupy them for 12 or more hours while Mum or Pa worked in the factories! Their children sat content and were found in the same spot when Parents came home hours later! Free Hul-Gil!!
      detoxin momma likes this.
  2. detoxin momma
    Opium was given to women in labor to for their pains....
  3. perro-salchicha614
    It was also marketed to women as a pain reliever for monthly "female complaints."

    It's definitely more effective than Midol. ;)
  4. Coacervate
    What are the contaminants ?
    1. aemetha
      Fentanyl is the main concern recently. Adulterant is probably a better word than contaminants though.
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  5. Coacervate
    Oh right, got it. ta
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