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Health officials worried by Israel's first-known case of Mescaline use

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Health officials worried by Israel's first-known case of Mescaline use

    Two students who were treated for the effects of Mescaline in a Tel Aviv hospital in recent weeks could indicate that the South American drug is entering the Israeli market, Health Ministry officials warned yesterday.

    Mescaline, produced from cacti, is used in religious rituals in the Americas for its hallucinatory effects. These effects are similar to those of synthetic drugs like LSD and hallucination-inducing fungi. The substance is included on Israel's list of dangerous drugs, but until now, there have been no known cases of its production or consumption in Israel.

    "The two men arrived at the emergency room with symptoms of disrupted cardiac activity, including a quickened heartbeat, heightened blood pressure and signs of anxiety," Dr. Pini Halperin, head of emergency medicine at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital, told Haaretz. "They were treated with mild tranquilizers and released a few hours later."

    The cases were reported to the Health Ministry's pharmaceutical crime unit, and an investigation was launched to determine whether the mescaline used by the students was locally produced or imported. The students told their physicians they used a cacti they took from a Tel Aviv garden.

    "This is the first report we've had of mescaline consumption in Israel," a Health Ministry official said.

    According to the students, they cooked the cactus and distilled a liquid essence from it, which they drank.

    Mescaline is normally produced from three kinds of cacti - Peyote, San Pedro and the Peruvian Torch. The cacti need to be frozen solid, then cut into small pieces and refrozen several times. They then need to be cooked in warm water until the mescaline-containing liquid can be distilled.

    "If you cook it long enough and filter the product enough times, you can get an essence rich in mescaline," Halperin explained. "This is a dangerous drug that can cause physical damage to the heart, brain and muscle system, and even death."

    Mescaline was used by tribes in both North and South America for over 1,000 years. But in 1971, its use and distribution was banned by the Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

    In February 2010, researchers from San Diego University listed 31 cases of mescaline poisoning between 1997 and 2008. The affected users were treated either in hospitals or at home. Most reported symptoms, which included a quickened heartbeat, emotional distress and even loss of consciousness.

    By Dan Even
    Last update - 05:41 27/04/2010



  1. BloodyMuffin
    Just how rare is mescaline use now days? cause Swim knows its rare, but he doubts this is the first EVER use of the drug in Israel. its probably just the first reported. nonetheless, with only 31 cases over 11 years (although it doesnt give the area swim was assuming throughout the US) its obviously much rarer than he thought. it makes him wonder as its actually rather easily acquired if you feel like buying a cactus online and growing it for a while. sure its not the quickest way to get your drugs, but you would think the novelty would attract some people. Swim almost wants to go ahead and do it himself just so he could have an experience that apparently so few people ever have.

    anyone have any idea how prevalent its use actually is?
  2. Lithium Aluminum Hydride
    Well.... EVERY substance can cause death, even water, all you need is the right dose, just basic toxicology my friend Halperin :rolleyes:

    Swim is from South America and he has never taken mescaline, neither he heard of anyone who has... and this guys are consuming South American cacti???? how unfair is that!!! why should we export and have no local market??? :laugh:
    Actually, swim owns a little San Pedro, but it is so cute that he believes he's never going to be able to cook it.

    Anyway, this sounds a little bit odd. Swims believes that they cooked the wrong cactus
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