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Hearing set in cocaine perjury case

By buseman, Jul 10, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Former judge, former prosecutor and 2 narcotics cops are accused

    An entire week has been set aside for the preliminary examination of a former judge, a former prosecutor and two narcotics officers charged with using perjured testimony in a 2005 cocaine case.

    Detroit 36th District Court Judge David Robinson this morning blocked off the week of Oct. 11 for the hearings to determine if there is enough evidence for the four to stand trial.

    The case against retired Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone, Wayne County’s former chief drug prosecutor Karen Plants and Inkster cops Sgt. Scott Rechtzigel and Officer Robert McArthur had been delayed for months by unsuccessful challenges to the Michigan Attorney General’s office prosecuting the case.

    Plants, McArthur and Rechtzigel are charged with conspiracy and perjury.

    The Attorney General's office contends they conspired to hide the fact that a key prosecution witness was a paid police informant in the cocaine case.

    Waterstone is accused of allowing the false testimony.

    JULY 9, 2010


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