Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose

By Silentscream · Jan 22, 2008 · ·
  1. Silentscream

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  1. BobTheGreat
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!


    Police: Pills that appear to be over-the-counter sleeping medication found near bed

    If this was the cause of death, it just goes to show how the general public underestimates the safety of otc drugs. The only otc "sleeping pill" I can think of is Diphenhydramine and that would take a pretty big dose to be letal(not to say he knew shit about drugs). Maybe in combination with some other meds or winning the death lottery.
  2. Ryu
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    I just heard, at least he got to finish the Dark Knight before he died which will in some way server as a legacy
  3. chemlove
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    First of all best wishes to his family, I know they need all the support they can get at such a dark time. Yes i agree OTC's are completely not looked at for their power especially in the hands of someone who could be (I'm not saying he was) depressed or has any type of manic order (which I don't think he did) but none the less this is a really sad day

    I'll always remember Heath for his memorable roles in 10 things, and one of my favorite movies of all time A knight's tale. I have heard from many people that his role as the Joker will completely open eyes and really excite people, I just really really wish he was there to see all the praise he will get and to see the world with one more child with out a father is really sad.

    RIP and best wishes to his family, friends and daughter.
  4. Nature Boy
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    A sad story and what a waste. Ledger was a pretty talented actor. Somehow I don't suspect it was a suicidal overdose. It may have been an accidental OD or some sort of unforeseen physical reaction as a result of whatever pills he was taking. One thing's for sure though, that new Batman movie is gonna haul in buckets of revenue when it gets released.
  5. Bajeda
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    I thought they hadn't filmed all (or even most) of his scenes and they have to reshoot with a new actor. Maybe I'm mistaken, but thats what I heard.
  6. umbra1010
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    From what I have read, they did finish all the scenes. I have only seen him play in the Patriot and he was good. Sad to see him go.
  7. zera
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    From what I read the sleeping pills discovered were Ambiens (Zolpidem). If indeed it was an overdose, he would have had to take a shitload and probably mix with booze.
  8. BobTheGreat
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    Why did the first artcles say otc? ambien is script only. Like I said with the death lottery, he could have had an allergic reaction or done some other drug like opiates that would have all been eaten and in his system before the OD.

    His death is a tragedy and not to trivialize it but how many people died from famine in third world countries or homless people froze on the streets that night? Like Stalin said, "A death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic."
  9. BobTheGreat
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!


    NEW: Authorities testing $20 bill found in apartment because of how it was folded
  10. grandbaby
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    Dammit, that guy owed me fifty bucks! Now I'll never get it back...

    Seriously, though, that's too bad. He was the best Dylan in I'm Not There, by at least two lengths. And Brad Pitt's still alive. Where's the justice?
  11. BobTheGreat
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!


    So now its otc to script and sounds like some kind of benzo but who knows since ever reporter has a different story....
  12. ~lostgurl~
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    He played a fantastic heroin addict in "Candy" I wonder why that wasn't mentioned? Maybe because it too closely resembled his true life? There has to be more to the story than just ambien. A great actor, I feel sad for his family and close friends, as with any accidental overdose, there can be a lot of stigma attached that can take away what should be support from people.
  13. GypsySoul78
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    It's sad to see one of my fellow aussie's pass over like this. He certainly had talent that won't be forgotten. R.I.P mate. May his family grieve in peace too.
  14. Mescaloid
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    I've read he was working on the new Terry Gilliam movie [SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". And that maybe Johnny Depp will assume the role.

    Best wishes to his family.
  15. molly_asher
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    I love the way its been printed in the paper as a drugs overdose.

    Personally I think there is a difference to a drugs overdose and taking a overdose. When you take a drugs overdose you dont mean to, when you pop something like sleeping pills or pain killers you mean to do it as it always states on the boxes how many you need to take.

    When you hear he died of a drugs overdose you automatically think heroin or cocaine. Not this guy. No it looks like he took to many sleeping pills on purpose to end his life, I think he meant to do it (poor thing) I might add. He must of had some mejor worries in his life to do that.

    My point is he was no druggy like the news and that papers print.

    Do you understand what im trying to say.
  16. lulz
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, he was in posession of a laundry list of benzos and sleeping pills:

    Restoril (temazepam)


    When I first heard he died of a drug overdose and was found with pills around his body, my first guess was opiates. Then again, perhaps these benzos and sleeping pills are not the drugs he ODd on. But normally benzos are fairly safe drugs, unless taken in large doses along with alcohol, this is why they replaced barbiturates as I understand it.
  17. FuBai
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    His name's Heath? I thought it was Keith, but that shows how much interest I have in actors I suppose. Anyway, I was reading in the Sunday Times that he was "obssesed" by a folk singer who died aged 26, an article which can be found here

    Here is the text:

  18. 0utrider
    AW: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

  19. Matt The Funk
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    Good actor. That pill combo sounds like a way a few people go out...a way SWIM might end up going out eventually.
  20. Melalicious
    Re: Heath Ledger Dies from drug overdose!

    still havent come to terms with it yet!! definatly shame to see such a talented actor, and Aussie, pass from something like this!

    RIP Heath, u will always be remembered for the fantastic aussie and actor u were, and will live on!

    Hope his family and friends find some peace and positivity in the good things he had done in his life!
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