Heaven to Hell and Back Again Pt.3

By ShadyknightSC · May 5, 2014 · ·
  1. ShadyknightSC
    4-22-2014 Flight 843 Heaven Outbound

    Again, wash off the L4B bullshit is the first thing when we get home. Swear to self that after this bag is gone, it's time to break away like a normal user. Still know that the 24/7 tweaker lifestyle isn't fun by any stretch of the imagination. Hooked up an old N64 to my Sony Bravia, thought I would crush StarFox64...Nope, not at all. Either i was super speed jacked or PS3 has spoiled me, but the game couldn't keep up with my controller movements, lol. Right side used to inject on Night #1 is closed indefinitely, dark purple/mustard yellow bruising on forearm from elbow to wrist, Giant lump, probably clot, in ditch of that arm. Totally my fault and learned my lesson (which i already knew) just to much mass and not enough cotton, so, about half of each shot was unfiltered...and we all 3 had some kind of weird damage from it. ..... my bad...So K got some 'sleep' (yea right) while i played N64 -_- didn't take long to tire of that. Decided to text my BFF 'J' (who, ironically, is G's stepson) (And my original Bake Buddy) to see if he wanted to hop off the wagon with me n K. Of course he said yes and by 8:30am he was otw and we were rolling the foil by 9:00. J, like myself and K, found himself wondering what the hell he ever saw in this extremely NEEDY drug. Boredom never seemed so prevalent in the 3 years beforehand but now, it seemed like there was nothing to do but keep doing dope or sex. So, third choice was to run the roads. It had been quite awhile since I was in a car with aftermarket audio, and it didn't take long before we were cruising 60mph, listening to Dubstep (Modestep-Sunlight Hurts My Eyes {ironic?}) tomahawking our arms out of windows n sunroof to the beat, not giving a fuck who was watching. As we pulled into the Sonic, it occurred to me that I RARELY had fun like that over the 3+ years of daily meth abuse. And, asking K n J their thoughts on it, neither could trace back through their history of meth abuse and really locate "Fun" or "memorable" (for good things happening) events...But the bad ones were a never ending list of things happening that were miserable or threatened your well being, freedom, sanity or quality of life. Realization that this drug makes you think you are happy while it sucked your soul dry and just kept asking for more...Made us want more, so we decided to go to G's house for some tribute love (lol) (K had mine/ours somewhere on her person) Hey, who doesn't like getting high for free? So, I said J was G's stepson,well G lives in his moms detached 2 car garage, J's mother is G's wife....and G and his wife (soon ex) don't live together because he would rather cook dope on a daily and refuses to budge on that stance...So, It's an awkward, tangled up family situation to say the least (only in South Carolina) So, G is in the garage, alone (btw, un-insulated 80 degrees outside so inside suckkked)
    So we sit in this Hot Box of a garage passing the glass bubble around, listening to the latest tweaker drama for awhile. After a few, J has to run up to the store real quick leaving Myself, K, And G. He pulls out his rig kit and asks me if K will hit him, I defer to her and she agrees...(Again, I introduced him to the spike not too long ago) Well he pulls his sleeve up and hands her this HARPOON already loaded, 27 gauge, 1 inch detachable tip needle and his arms are Fucked up!! I couldn't believe how bad he looked, I would constantly, every time i set us up a shot, preach about Harm Reduction...sucked to see the clots, bruises and possible abscess he had going on. well she hit him where he asked...arm looked like a minefield...and blood just rolled out, broke my heart...Why was I feeling guilty for things i can't control anymore? He stated it was nice (nawt) and handed us the bubble. when J got there it was time for K and I to go, so we did and away we went. Now J has the DankyDank bud so to his crib we went to smoke fire and foil. I cant smoke weed til employment so i just chilled, looking forward to the one on one time I would get with K later. After what seemed like eternity, we were heading home, both of us ready to finish off the bag and let our freaks out :) I'll spare the details but lets just say we reverse roles and she had me "Biting the Blanket" until the wee hours of the morning. I was drained, wanting nothing more than to sleep and recover from my first flight in 2 months. I was pleased that I hadn't let my relapse spiral out of control...The sun was rising...

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  1. john123470
    love your writing, Shady ..
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