Heavy cannabis use exacerbates problems of young

  1. rocksmokinmachine
    Heavy cannabis use exacerbates problems of young
    Heavy cannabis use can exacerbate existing social problems among vulnerable young people, according to a report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The impact of heavy cannabis use on young people found that daily cannabis use among vulnerable 16 to 25-year-olds was seen to worsen problems such as unemployment, low educational achievement and homelessness, while others in the same age range - such as those in further education - reported few adverse effects. The report drew on interviews with 100 young people who had been using cannabis - mainly 'skunk' - on a daily basis for the last six months, and explored their attitudes to their drug use and its effect on their lives. Professionals such as youth workers were also interviewed, and in the main viewed cannabis as less harmful than the young people themselves. 'Young people might not be aware of the extent to which cannabis use might exacerbate their existing social problems, and professionals who have had experience of cannabis users in the past may assume the effects are relatively harmless if they take young people's assessment of the impact of cannabis use in their lives at face value,' said author of the report Dr Margaret Melrose. 'More probing may be required.' Report available at www.jrf.org.uk/bookshop/details.asp?pubID=926

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  1. MrG
    Skunk Skunk Skunk Skunk, Skunk Skunk Skunk Skunk, come on you fuckers, sing along!!!

    Man, I am soooooo sick of hearing every sodding report about cannabis try to up the ante by giving the tired old "the kids are smoking super weed now folks, not the harmless stuff you tried in college"

    Argh!!!! No, really Argh!!!!

    Look, 16-25 year olds can be a miserable bunch at the best of times, hormones flooding through their system, they don't know whether to fuck or fight each other. I know, I was that age, once.

    "I'm an adolescent who can't cope with all the crazy shit goin on with my body and my mind, it must be the skunk super duper weed right?"

    No, you are simply an adolescent who can't cope with all the crazy shit goin on with your body and your mind.

    Relax. It will pass.
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