Hells Angels Informant Paid $2.9M

By chillinwill · Apr 25, 2009 · Updated Apr 25, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Investigation Resulted In 156 Arrests

    A retired member of the Hells Angels who was key to the police investigation that has crippled the outlaw motorcycle gang in Quebec had nearly three million reasons to become an informant.

    Sylvain Boulanger, 45, a retired member of the gang's Sherbrooke chapter who gave key evidence to investigators with the Regional Integrated Squads, signed a contract that will see him paid $2.9-million, The Gazette has learned. It is believed to be the largest contract awarded to an informant in Quebec.

    Details of Mr. Boulanger's 19-page contract came from a source familiar with the Operation SharQc investigation and were confirmed through similar sources.

    Madeleine Giauque, the lead prosecutor in Operation SharQc, was unavailable for comment yesterday.

    Mr. Boulanger was recruited by the police in 2006 and had officially agreed to co-operate with investigators by June 12 of that year. The contract was signed on Sept. 21, 2007, and Mr. Boulanger received $300,000 upon signing. The contract called for him to be paid another $600,000 when more than 120 gang members and associates were rounded up last week.

    Almost the entire membership of the gang's five chapters in Quebec face charges as a result of the investigation. As of yesterday afternoon, 24 full-patch members and another three gang associates were still being sought. In all, 156 people face charges in Operation SharQc.

    Mr. Boulanger is also scheduled to receive four annual payments of $400,000 over the next four years, during which he will be expected to testify in trials that emerge from the investigation. A fifth payment of $400,000 will be paid out once all the court cases are settled.

    Because of the trials expected in the near future, representatives from the Regional Integrated Squads are unable to comment on Mr. Boulanger's contract.

    But a police source familiar with investigations into organized crime said using informants is necessary.

    "It takes something very special to infiltrate a group like the Hells Angels. The police can't do it because during the investigation, an informant might be expected to commit certain crimes. We can't place our own people in a gang like that," he said.

    Author: Paul Cherry
    Pubdate: Thu, 23 Apr 2009
    Source: National Post (Canada)

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  1. old hippie 56
    Pity his poor ass when they catch up to him and they will one day.
  2. nick23
    What is the going rate for a human soul?
  3. pyroarchy
    I see ball-peen hammers in that guys future! :s
  4. yaba
    I hate people like that !!! Don't mined the police or the good citizen, but if your not swim likes you more ! But to go from "bad" to "good" (crossing the line) is a big NO NO for swim !

    Think if your police and than infiltrate organized crime and get people arrested thats OK, but when your a criminal and become in informant... Thats bad and hope to all who do they get a bullet !
  5. beentheredonethatagain
    I dont feel sorry for him, but I do his family, because they will go after them first, and then him. SAD
  6. Scrubbs
    Yea, I do not know what this guy was thinking. Unless the cops manage to arrest every single "Hells Angels" members the informant is going to be in serious danger. But you know what guys? Alot of people say that everybody has their price, think about it and put yourself in a similar position. How much money would it take for you to do something which you've always stood against?

    Honestly it would be very hard to not take the money. If you don't take the money you might suffer through your life but imagine just what kind of rewards you might get in the afterlife for staying true to yourself. This doesn't really apply to the informant I am just talking about selling out.
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