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  1. rxpo1111
    ok. This is my first blog. i just joined the site, because i have been reading stories off of it for some time now and thought i could contribute. this isn't really a contribution this is a cry for help, any advice anyone could give me, that i couldn't find myself. ok. breif history. i have been an opiate addict for about 3-4 years now. tried everything to kick the habit... really kick the habit, not just the physical w/d's. sooo about a year ago i was put on suboxone, thought my prayers were answered. was on the subox for about 8 months and decided i didnt want to be medicated anymore. tried to quit cold turkey... didnt work. tried to taper off (numerous times) didn't work. I finally went to an inpatient treatment center about a month ago. It took me 15 days to get over the physical w/ds, it was tourture, but i did it. 15 more days of inpatient and i was free. it took me about 3 days to think "hey i can pop a couple vicodin, no big deal, just one time" well like everyone knows one time turned into 3 weeks. should have known better, but i got cocky. and the 3 vicodin turned into a few oxys or a few packs. ok so i knew i messed up bad, went to see a doctor, wanted to go back on suboxone to get past the physical w/ds, but didnt have the money(stuff is outrageously expensive!). so at this clinc they offered me methadone. I didn't know much about it, and figured it worked pretty much like the suboxone...right? well the more i learn about it the worse I learn it is. So i want off this stuff before it gets real bad. Dont get me wrong i like the methadone...alot, makes me feel great, not super high, but i dont crave when im on it. anyways, i got back into contact with another inpatient detox, they said i have to taper off the meth, but i dont want to be on it anymore and i was hoping i could get off the meth with short term suboxone. so my question is...



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